Our NHS is NOT in trouble because of SNP decisions

So, our NHS is in trouble?

The evidence?

  1. 50% more nurses and midwives than England, significantly more GPs and consultants.
  2. Nearly twice as many beds and admissions falling way below the February peak.
  3. Far lower total infection and death rates.
  4. Higher vaccination rates and far higher for teenagers.
  5. No surge in cancer deaths.
  6. Less than 2% of surgery postponed due to resources reasons.
  7. A&E performance far better that England and far far better than Wales.

The buck for all the above stops with the SNP?

Letter writer Richard Richardson seems to be a professional freedom of information request writer with around 400 made:


But also happy to reference Kevin Hague of These Islands which also has Neil Oliver. 40 foot bargepole, touch, even plastic?

In 2016, Richardson wrote to the Herald about bed shortages but seems not to have known how many we have, compared with England.

7 thoughts on “Our NHS is NOT in trouble because of SNP decisions

  1. He’ll be getting his info from BBC Scotland, as Mike Russell suggests in the National –
    “Alas the current organisation has let itself down very badly with regard to serving Scotland with impartiality and shows no sign of being able to change.”
    See https://archive.is/P3HQf

    He also provides this quote from a previous issue –
    “In addition recent detailed analysis, published in this newspaper, shows that the manner and language of BBC coverage of the Scottish Government differs greatly from that applied to the UK Government.”

    This squares with my own observations, and of course those on this blog, but it’s great that the SNP are at last popping up above the parapet. However, they really need to be doing it on a more detailed basis!

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    1. With respect I’d caution on source re the BBC, although there is no doubt whatever they are intimately involved in the disinformation campaign, probably knowingly.

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      1. Indeed Bob and made worse by the fact that the BBC reporting on the UK government is soft, which is the point of the comparison.

        They rarely focus on opposition complaints, and seems to treat problems with the English NHS as having nothing to do with government.

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  2. Yesterday, a routine lateral flow test gave a positive. At 8.30am, I reported it. I was immediately sent emails and texts advising me on what to do and arranging a CPR test at a local centre at 2.00pm. I was then phoned by Test and Trace, who not only sought information about my contacts in the previous two days, but also advised on services available to support my wife and I during isolation. A repeat prescription was organised AND delivered. We had our tests and, later, were informed we had tested negative. This was impressive service by NHS Scotland and Glasgow City Council.

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    1. Anent the above: we had a follow up call from Glasgow City Council first thing this morning to check that everything was OK and to let them know if we needed assistance.

      Since BBC Scotland always publishes as FACT allegations by teachers, nurse, GPs ‘who do not wish to be named’, do you think they would report testimont from two septuagenarians who are happy to be named?


    BY ALL ENGLISH MPs (When they graciously gave Scotland The Devolved Parliament)

    These criminals are stealing our independence and


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