Wolverhampton MP does not call for heads to roll

Wolverhampton South East MP Pat McFadden has not called for the UK Health Secretary to resign despite ‘About 43,000 people in England and Wales may have been wrongly told their Covid-19 test was negative because of errors at a private laboratory.

How many Covid deaths are now due to unsuspecting folk going home convinced it was safe to hug their granny?

Wolverhampton’s other two, Tory, MPs are silent and no politician is blamed in the report.

Regulars know what is coming next. From BBC Scotland in November 2020:

So, with an error of a less serious nature, in Scotland, it’s more serious.

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6 thoughts on “Wolverhampton MP does not call for heads to roll

  1. No heads in danger here either
    or here
    or here
    or here
    and that’s just in one quick search
    Imagine if this was Scotland https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58910802

    It pains me to say it but, despite the contrived and often downright wrong wailings from opposition MSPs and the Scottish press, it could be argued they are working in our (indy support) favour. Not only the SNP politicians but also their advisers know exactly what to expect and can get prepared, as well as putting the hard work behind the scenes into trying too do things right. I suspect the Greens will be learning this lesson too now.

    The opposition? Just keep calling for heads to roll, such an easy option and easy publicity compared to having to use their brains but shush, why tell them
    Worried about falling newspaper sales or viewing figures – nah, not so much

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  2. Have just heard about midwives overwork at an English Trust and babies had died,sorry did not catch the whole thing but it seems serious,will Sarwar call for someones head,DRoss what say you.

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  3. Scotland is special. We all know this as we have this proven to us every day. Only Scotland is special in this Global Britain, this shining light of commerce and democracy that we alone out of the four parts of the UK get lied too, fed distorted truth, get our Scotgov attacked, our NHS attacked, in fact everything attacked. Even John Robertson gets attacked.
    Maybe we should ask the Nobel committee to nominate a new country award for distorted media. We would win.

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  4. However, you can be sure that if there was an issue in Scotland and BBC Scotland asked him (being a Scot) what lessons there were from Wolverhampton, you can be sure he would be blaming ‘that SNP Government’, “Heads should roll”.

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