Covid cases falling only in Scotland

I hesitate to comment on just what is happening in Wales, but Scotland remains the only part of the UK where new Covid cases continue to fall despite events such as the recent Scotland match watched in thousands of pubs and currently putting one of my progeny in strict isolation.

Scotland’s leading vaccination programme will have been at least a part of this.

4 thoughts on “Covid cases falling only in Scotland

  1. Scotland at 45 on the graph seems to be levelling out. Although we have fewer cases than England at 60 , on the same scale france reports 7 Italy 4 Spain 3. Yes single digits.
    Surely SG can find further mitigations to apply otherwise I’ll never be able to go out without my n95 mask. And I’m fully vaxxed.

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  2. John, Re Immensa Lab. Interesting reading.

    All samples from the lab, where Immensa Health Clinic Ltd runs the testing operations, are now being sent to other labs.

    Government records show that Immensa, which was founded in May 2020 just months after the start of the pandemic, has been awarded contracts for Covid testing by the Department of Health valued at £181 million

    Companies House Mr Andrea Riposati ACTIVE only person in this company Incorporated on
    18 May 2020

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  3. I hesitate to point out that even the National is parroting the “Covid in Scotland: 32 deaths of coronavirus patients recorded on October 15” entirely context free.

    The danger with bandying about national stats even in Scotland is they don’t give a clear picture on where the problems lie over prevalence.

    And no disrespect intended John, you fall into the same trap of implying the 2 jags are a solution when they’re not. Your ‘chubby’ friend’s encounter could have been fatal without being ‘chubby’, as frankly at our age we were already on the short list.
    It’s only the severity of the encounter which changes through vaccination, our real danger is the hotspots we inadvertently visit as there are no labels.

    Getting prevalence down is no easy task at any time, but with plague island right next door still hanging on the herd-immunity dogma, and the flouncing Scotland State of a Secretary demanding the border remain a free travel zone whatever your condition (UJs carry undiplomatic immunity), there is no way Scotland can solve the immediate problem and impose a border restriction.

    However, looking forward to the day we can.

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