0.05% more staff? It’s just not convincing

Hospital admissions are falling from more than 1 000 in September to 900 yesterday and way below the more than 2 000 in February. Staff absences have fallen for several weeks and are also far below the peaks. Infection levels have been plummeting for weeks to the lowest level in the UK by some way and vaccination levels are the highest in the UK.

So far, we’ve had soldiers doing, at best, 1% of vaccinations in June, driving 1.8% of non-emergency only ambulances in September, and now we hear that 86 personnel will boost NHS Scotland’s staffing of 160 000 by 0.05%.

The above BBC report tells us:

The request for support comes after soldiers were brought in to support the Scottish Ambulance Service in September.

but we never find out who made the request. Why don’t we know that?

Needless to say the Governor General and that MP/PG/media pundit get a chance to thank them and blame the SNP.

Imagine Humza Yousaf announced 0.05% more nurses or 1.8% more ambulance drivers. Would that be thought useful at all?

This is a con.

6 thoughts on “0.05% more staff? It’s just not convincing

  1. In answer to your final paragraph, the answer would be ‘too little, too late’ or ‘hardly worth it, is it?’

    With regard to the use of military personnel, the first point is that these are Scottish as well as English, Northern Irish and Welsh. In an independent Scotland we would have military persons to assist, too. There have been military staff deployed elsewhere in the UK at various times during the pandemic. Why is it a cause for jeering when deployed in Scotland?

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    1. The point of this site is to show up the misinformation and untruths propagated by the BBC and the MSM in general. This propaganda is directed against the independence movement not just the SNP so you should get off your high horse.

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  2. So far as I understood it, SG must request Army assistance and justify it, whatever spin is put on it by others after the fact is generally what we see and hear.
    Alister Jack previously tried a similar stunt when SG requested Army assistance, that it was somehow at WM’s initiation which was complete bunkum.

    SG have been publicly vague on the detail of such requests, whether that is due to the public message never being sent, disbarred from being sent, or merely filed under pending at the BBC is open to debate, but what is not open to debate is Scotland’s NHS are not alone in such requests despite the BBC’s portrayal.

    Their latest “Army drafted in to under-pressure NHS Boards” campaign is intended to obscure the real crises in HMS Trusts in England, from A&E to ambulances etc., etc., rarely if ever mentioned by the BBC in Scotland.


  3. As l regularly say to Mrs Jimmock “ Oh dear, there’s a crisis in Scottish health/education/policing/transport etc. There must be an announcement coming of something really bad in England.”


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