It only takes a day or two for the Tory mind to jump track

Scotland's cities peppered with "no-go areas", MSP claims | HeraldScotland
Scottish Conservative transport spokesman Graham Simpson and colleagues remember Humza Yousaf falling on his injured knee

On the 12th, Scottish Conservative transport spokesman Graham Simpson, left, fed the Telegraph this, on the attempts by the Scottish Government to prevent strikes during the UK Government’s hosting of COP26 in Glasgow:

Simpson said:

Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP government are clearly feeling the pressure of Cop26 looming with strikes set to take place. This is a last-ditch attempt to redeem themselves. Passengers will see through this façade. The SNP appear to have suddenly found the money to avoid an embarrassment on the world stage, but have been unwilling to do the same for passengers who have suffered months of disruption.

Why wouldn’t the UK Government, so determined to own COP26 and to keep ‘Sturgeon’ and Scotland’s green credentials off the stage, be feeling the pressure?

Anyhow, yesterday, Simpson had jumped the rails to rant:

Glasgow is about to take centre stage in a matter of weeks, and the SNP are still claiming they have no idea why rail strikes are continuing. SNP ministers must work with all parties to find a solution before these persisting strikes cast a shadow over the COP26 conference.

Find a solution? A pay rise?

Scotland's cities peppered with "no-go areas", MSP claims | HeraldScotland

10 thoughts on “It only takes a day or two for the Tory mind to jump track

  1. I see Ian MacWhirter has a new article saying Covid Report is damning for her (i.e. the Scottish government – bias is always shown by personalising a topic). I haven’t seen this, how accurate (or as I suspect inaccurate) is this? Personally I think there is honest criticism to be made but then he should have much worse criticism of the UK government. However it seems to be mainly about criticising the SNP and ignoring the fact that while Scotland could have done better, we did better in many other areas (as you have regularly reported).

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    1. As far as I am aware the report did not deal with Scotland but was specifically focussed on the UK Gov. If Scotland featured at all it was peripheral to the main focus of the report.

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  2. Re the article here. Why is “Inflation busting” headlined as if it was some really bad thing. Do the Tories want every worker to have their wages value reduced due to inflation? (Silly question, I know!)

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    1. Inflation busting when it’s SG/SNP but what did they call it when BawJaws gave millions to American firm to re-start CO2 production? I know, silly question too. 😀

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    2. The Tories would love to let inflation rip
      It erodes rather quickly the £2 trillion debt pile they created
      But there are massive catches
      1.Bank interest rates are the only effective tool to control inflation
      2. But 1 above is rocket fuel to higher
      Mortgages – political suicide for tories
      But given Bojo,s Soundbites of Higher wages,leveling up and ill thought out
      Spending and infrastructure projects
      Never a fire without smoke
      So what are the Tories up to ?
      UK technically bankrupt therefore even necessary day to day spend requires borrowing
      Quantative easing probably has reached its limits
      Do they think a short burst of inflation
      Can partially resolve their major fiscal issues, but how the hell do you put the inflation Genie back in the bottle
      Mere talk of Interest rate hikes has a profound effect on currency exchange
      £ is now almost at its strongest since January, as speculators ( vultures & hyenas ) begin to pile in
      If interest rates go up substantially £ soars,exports increase in price, imports cheapen
      Something afoot here as desperate people seek desperate measures
      In economics and fiscal management
      There is a Golden rule
      No matter what under any circumstances
      What you sow
      Is What you reap

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  3. Ive heard numerous quotes on BBC Hi Jack, that the SNP should just “sort it out”.

    No questions asked, no solution proffered.

    These clowns are supposed to be an alternative government-in-waiting!!!!

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  4. The Toriesvare reneging and cutting £2Billion funding from rail services in the North.

    They are spending and wasting £160Billion+++ on HS 2 to benefit London S/E. A white elephant that will always be subsidised. A total waste of time and monies with no business case. The review masked by civil servants with no proper scrutiny. Like most Tory contracts. The illegal Tory slush fund for their associates for corrupt donations.

    Increase funding in rail services in the North and Scotland would cut rail time journeys throughout Britain. Journey in the North and Scotland take nearly twice as long, over the same distance, because of lack of investment. London S/E Transport services are totally subsidised. Totally congested. A rat race.

    Wasting monies on Trident. Borrowing Chinese funding with interest to build nuclear subs to threaten the Chinese. 1.4Billion people. The Westminster unionist imbeciles fight with everyone. The Chinese, the Russian, the Middle East, the French, the EU. They fight with everyone. They cannot get on with anyone. Cause trouble everywhere. They kill off their own citizens. They are supposed to have a duty of care. The argue with each other. Labour is spending £2Million suing each other and their own members. The Tories and LibDems are totally corrupt. They lie about everything.

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  5. Aye, when the ‘eyes of the world will be on Scotland’ and just look at the state of them, an embarassment to the glorious Great Britainland and Engerland which has to subsidise them to stop their people from starving, (crocodile tears). Their SNP government is so cruel, uncivilised and backward, and just so bad. It’s just terrible, Scotland has sunk into despair at the state of everything there, it’s all the fault of the Scottish nationalists, they should be ousted by force to save the people!

    There, should I write that as a letter into the Herod? Surely they would publish it no?


  6. Shame the folks in that photo couldn’t just have morphed into the fence, all that blue! It would make no difference to anyone, and no one would notice but would save a few £millions+!


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