Why doesn’t Reporting Scotland want to talk of GP shortages?

On BBC News at 10 last night, we heard that the Conservative pledge in 2015 to boost the GP workforce by 5 000 by 2021 ‘wasn’t met.’

Surely, Reporting Scotland could do a smooth segue into GP shortages here. Nope, three minutes on cops and COP26, sex abuse, Tory cronyism and curling.

Why no GP shortages?

GP numbers by UK region

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6 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Reporting Scotland want to talk of GP shortages?

  1. But it will publicise anything from a recently elected Tory MSP, who is a part-time GP. And, anything by the Chair of the GP’s trade union, especially if he predicts ‘huge numbers will leave due to workload pressures.

    I am actually happy about the service from my GP surgery, and have no complaints about the type of access offered.

    I am concerned, however, that the media and a few rent-a-quite politicians and union officers, evokes resentment amongst members of the public against GPs and their staffs, perhaps resulting in abuse. But, of course, the rent-a-quotes and the media have other agendas.

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  2. Ah , John . Need I remind you of your namesake , James’s , take on ”The News Where you Are !”

    Low numbers of GPs in England is news where they are but uncomfortably high numbers in Scotland is not news where we are !

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  3. Why the 2015 pledge as a reference now, this was acknowledged in November 2019 when they kicked the can to 2024 with a fresh pledge?
    On Stewart’s earlier piece “What’s going on at the BBC – deliberate massaging of statistics or careless error?”, I’d noted the comments predominantly roasted the Tories for England’s condition re GPs, so surprised News at 10 featured it given how quickly the article had been demoted beyond the first page.

    As to Mis-Reporting Scotland, were your expectations before or after a Guiness or three ?


  4. The ‘reporters’ should retrain as healthcare workers. Do something useful for a change. Instead of telling a bunch of lies and causing trouble. Ditto Westminster unionists. A corrupt, nasty evil bunch. Telling lies and causing trouble worldwide. Time, space and money wasters. Leading to premature death. Most of them care about no one but themselves.


  5. The Tories (ConDem) cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. There were supposed be £20Billion of ‘efficiency savings’. More elderly needing more care. Tory cut costing exercise. Austerity and Brexit leading to premature death. Killing off the elderly. That is how they intended to make saving. Life expectancy in the south going down. The first time in 40 years.

    The Tories more interesting in Brexit than Pandemic planning. They were warned time and time again about the dangers. They did not care. Most of them only care about themselves and what they can misappropriate. Same as the ‘reporters’. Most of the nonsense. A complete regurgitated fabrication.


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