Should saving Earth come before his Gran’s Braemar estate profits?

Following on from his Dad and his Gran calling for all of us to save the planet, Will casts doubt on the prioritising of space travel.

Wow, radical or what, but will he go where no royal has ever gone and point out his Gran’s hypocrisy on this?

What a great question that might have been!

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11 thoughts on “Should saving Earth come before his Gran’s Braemar estate profits?

  1. It is beyond belief. The biggest tax evading, consumers on the planet, lecturing others. Total lack of self awareness. Interfering illegally in Gov. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Supporting illegal wars. Causing war. 1WW ‘divine right to rule’. Inter monarchy rivalry. Victoria’s children and grandchildren. German, her mother and husband German. Cousins married cousins. Inbred. Millions died. Destroyed the monarchy in Germany and Russia. British/German/Greek migrants. Supporting Tories and upholding unjustified privilege.

    Grievances led on to WW2. Millions died. The Royals have helped destroy the world. Ignorance is no excuse. Arrogance beyond belief. Killing other people’s mothers. Supporting Austerity and Brexit. Interfering illegally on Independence and other political matters. Indulging in vast, extravagant, self remuneration.

    Honours for cash and donations. Illegal. Wasting £Billion of public monies. Paying 10% tax on minor income. Not paying corporation or capital gains. Exempt and above the Law. Extravagance not justified arrogance and remuneration. Head of the Church. The eye of the needle. Not equal or fair born into ill gotten privilege. The UK the most unequal place in the world,

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  2. Thick as mince. Two halfpennies short of a shilling’. Inherited, ‘Space tourism’. In a few years minerals will be harvested from Mars. Minerals used up and a shortage on earth. For commerce and medical science. It would save lives.

    These tax evaders are in it for the money. Self enrichment. Journeys to Australia could take an hour. Instead of 24 hours. It could save fuel overall. Depending on availability. Shut up then down. There a craft designed years ago. Upright travel. A time machine. Possible to go vs k in t8me. Gain a day. Depending on direction of travel.

    The experimentation is not for fun. ‘Space tourism’. It is for them
    Money. These £Billionaires are not so thick. They are playing the system. Good governments need to keep up. Zuckerberg and the others will be getting their jotters shortly. Pay their tax (15%) and regulated. Governments are closing in. Hopefully they will close the loop holes and win.

    Thatcher started it. By creating the extensive tax havens and causing the banking crash. Removing vital regulation. So the banks could make a killing. The banks fund the Tory Party. Along with foreign tax evaders. Illegal donations. Then getting public remuneration. An absolute scandal. Illegal payments for Gov jobs. Wasting £Billions/Trillions of Gov monies.

    Independence would sort it out. Curtail Westminster illegal corruption and power to destroy the world.


  3. Spacecrafts shot up then down. Possible to go back or forward in time. Depending on direction of travel. Predicted years ago.


  4. Presumably this is the BBC promoting the royal wee again, but asking the opinion of one in such a favoured position is frankly absurd.

    The reason the planet is in a mess is because of the accumulation of wealth.
    His dad running a 5 litre car on mainly bio-ethanol now makes not the slightest dent in the damage he personally caused in preceding years.

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  5. It is illegal to interfere in political and legal matters for personal advancement. That is why it is kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. The deal is head of State and vast remuneration. Not to deal or interfere in political matters. The Head if State is supposed to be impartial. That is why the Royals held on to the Crown. They stepped back and down.

    Universal Suffrage 1928. Gave the people the vote. There could have been Revolution. Of which the establishment was afraid. The Russian revolution scared them to death. Fabians and the Labour Party formed because the people had the vote. People no longer needed property rights for emancipation or to vote.

    The Suffragettes. Women got the vote, No longer men’s shackles, supposedly. Women has worked through 1WW. Entered the market place. Marx said, Marriage was prostitution’. Many young women now chose not to have children. Marx said, ‘to seize the form of production. The wealth to be distributed more equally. The UK the most unequal places in the world.

    The autocratic Tsar would not concede to the people’s democratic wishes quickly enough. The Duma was restricted. The Bolsheviks were empowered and it all kicked off. 1917 Russia withdrew from WW1. The Navy mutinied. The people were starving. There was a population explosion. The people had little land rights, so could not grow or produce enough food.

    It happened in France and China. Revolution. Not enough food, starving people. People getting poorer and not enough food. Autocratic rulers who refused the people rights. Nicolas 11, Victoria son married her granddaughter Alix. Victoria was Consort of Russia. Russia invaded Germany (Wilhelm.) They did not get on. Inter (colonial) rivalries. The British Empire. Controlled vast parts of the world. Not too successfully. The Asians went with the Japanese. 2WW. A fifth column. They wanted freedom and independence from British rule. British rule caused millions of deaths worldwide. India/Pakistan etc.

    The Royal should, be quiet, slim down. Or bow out. That was the deal. Not to interfere in constitutional matters. 1918 being considered the victors confused matter. The Versaille Settlement. The League of Nations (US). Is considered to have led to the rise of Hitler. Grievances and humiliations.

    Millions more killed WW2 with air power introduced. 75% of the German army wiped out. The highest pro rata. Russia 26million died. Israel came out of the Balfour Agreement 1917. All the trouble that has caused. Netanyahu attends the Russian war commemorations because of the war effort.


  6. Whenever people harp on about space exploration saying ‘oh it costs sooo much what a waste of money’, I just say get back to me when the idiots in charge in the UK, US and other rich countries stop making WMD’s and selling their horrific people murdering weapons to poorer countries so they can join in as well.

    I wonder of wee Willie is coming out with this because, Scotland is about to be first in the UK to launch a rocket into space lol! Honestly the English just cannot stand Scotland leading in anything, nobel prize Scottish scientist, ‘originally Scottish’, (imagine anyone saying ‘originally English’?)
    They can’t stand Scotland succeeding in anything and especially not when it’s means they are not the ones to lead in certain areas of tech or industry etc! Aww.


  7. A foreign (tax evader) landowner is trying to stop a space endeavour in Sutherland. Being overruled by the Courts. Scotland is empty and not densely populated. Allowing for space experimentation. Branson’s enterprise has been delayed. Virgin banking is shutting branches. After taking ive4 Clydesdale.

    A test pilot in the US has been charged with withholding information and causing deaths. Boeing fined $2.5Billion to stopped criminal investigations continuing. The planes nose had a predominately to lower. The information was withheld because it would have been expensive informing and retraining pilots. The new version was a rival to the (EU?) airbus.

    Oxford University not longer collaborating with UAE for a £400million deal. The UEA were involved in the illegal surveillance with the spyware developed by Israeli company.

    Oxbridge universities Gov funded 20 to 1 of all other universities. The Tory (ConDem) cut education funding £6Billions a year from 2015 to 2020. Increasing student debt in the south. The Scottish Gov mitigated the cuts. Keeping student debt and loans down. They gave more support. Students receive the lowest remuneration. For a shorter period of time.

    Pensioners receive the lowest remuneration for much longer. The (UK) Gov pension administration is nearly as much as the payout. Increasing the pension payout would cut administration bureaucracy and costs.

    An Independent Scotland could easily increase (Gov) pensions. Not having to pay for Westminster wasteful, poor, bad mismanagement. Scotland pays for the (UK) Gov pension/benefits. It come from revenues raised in Scotland. The Scottish Gov constantly has to mitigate Westminster cuts.

    A Tory MP complaining about boundary changes but supported all the Tory cuts. A total greedy hypocrite. The Tories want to shut down Holyrood. They are trying to destroy the administration. After destroying the economy with austerity and Brexit. Wasting £Billions of public monies on projects of no value or worth. Non scrutinised properly. An absolute scandal. The pandemic mismanagement. To line their pockets. False economy and accounting, On the fiddle. Increasing deaths with no accountability. A disaster.


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