Knackered old journo compares badly

Along with the other grey but chubbier old guys dominating the columns of the Herald and the Scotsman, Tom Gordon, defender of the right of royals to flee the plague to Braemar, keeps returning to Nicola.

He, partly based on the assessment of the creepy Lib Dem leader, the current one, I know they’re all creepy, insists that Nicola (51) is knackered and that time is not on her side.

Please let there be YouTube videos of the three Brians, Wilson, Taylor or Monteith, on the beam.

Here’s the best bit:

It’s being said? The drumbeat? Playground rumours more like?

Mr Cole-Hamilton? Really?

This is what passes for journalism in Scotland. I think back to the late great Ian Bell at the Herald then look at the senior staff they have now and despair.

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11 thoughts on “Knackered old journo compares badly

  1. They , the Poison Pen Party , have now given up on expecting that their constant litany of SNP Baaaad stories would eject her from Office .
    They have tried calumny ( with the help of Alistair Carmichael’s invented emails ) , they have pushed countless pins into a voodoo Juju doll with little effect , and now they are reduced to crossing their fingers and ”hoping for the best ” !

    Deep down , don’t you feel a little bit of sadness for these past their prime hacks whose best ( ?) efforts have been nullified by a superior woman ?

    No , me neither !

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  2. Scottish “democracy”.
    Scotland is to lose two more MP’s, while more Tory cronies buy their “elevation” to the Lords.

    We are an “Equal Partner” in the UK, according to “vows” made in 2014, yet Scotland is entirely under English hegemony.

    A pro-independence party repeatedly wins elections in Scotland on a manifesto promise to consult the people, while another party commits to maintain Scotland subjugation, and repeatedly loses badly.

    A 17th century English conceit over “sovereignty”, is enough to veto Scottish democracy.

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    1. Problem is Gavin, it’s a bit more than just conceit. The fact is that England/ UK (whichever) never really had a revolution to rid itself of monarchy (on the French model perhaps).
      What happened was that James II (or VII) was deposed partly for religious reasons, but also because he continued to insist, just like his old man (Chas I) and his grandpa (James I or VI) – on the powers of the monarchy to direct the Parliament consistent with his view of Divine Right of Kings. Parliament refused to accept this and deposed him. Had they found another way of heading up the country (eg a President) things might have been different, but
      a. the “revolution” was essentially middle class
      b. they replaced one king (James) with another (William and Mary) who took the throne prepared to accept a greater role for Parliament.
      Essentially the sovereignty of the HoC is a fusion of the executive (the monarch) and legislative (parliament) branches of government, giving rise to “The Queen (or King) in Parliament” whereby it is recognised that ultimate authority or sovereignty rests with the monarch, but is delegated to elected and/or appointed officials (the Parliament), such that the Parliament takes on, in effect, the legal personality of the monarch.


  3. Is this really the best they can do to keep the SNPbaaad pilot light on?

    It’s nothing short of out and out misogyny hiding behind a thin veil of concern trollery.


  4. Everyone of them are gone. May, Clegg, Cameron, Brown, Swindon. Johnston will not be far behind. Finlay, Tomkins, others not even worth remembering. Cummings the architect of Brexit. Lying and cheating. On the sidelines complaining. After abusing £Billions of public money. The mess and shambles unfolding. Everyone of them who predict her demise end up out of it. Who wants the unionist poison chalice. They have to be really thick.


  5. Tavish Scott. Kirsten Campbell shared a property in Edinburgh. The mortgage was paid by Gov. Made a fortune flip flopping houses. + expenses. The BBC embedded with the unionist politicians. They would not get a job if they openly supported Independence. Over half the electorate do. The BBC controlled by Westminster. Propaganda.


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