Covid: Scotland’s teenagers already bucking the UK vaccination trend

From BBC Scotland this morning:

Vaccine drop-in clinics for 12-15 year olds opened a little over three weeks ago, but more than 40% of the age group have now received at least their first dose. With the vaccination of 16 and 17-year-olds also continuing at a reasonable rate, will Scotland’s youngest teenagers end up better protected from Covid than older age groups?

Of course, they first identify the trend within Scotland where the 12-15 year-olds are turning up in greater numbers than and catching up on, the other groups under 50. All very interesting but confusing crude with percentage data to try to make arguments of different kinds. Only percentages tell us anything here. Keep it simple unless you have an agenda not to.

They do go on to compare Scotland’s 12-15 year olds with those in England and even let us see the graph, with our teens soaring ahead but strangely, precede it with this:

Again, it’s worth bearing in mind the vast differences in population size between England and Scotland. England has vaccinated more than 354,000 12-15 year olds with a first dose, compared with about 95,000 in Scotland, according to the UK government Covid dashboard.

What are they trying to do here? Suggest that England has a bigger task overall, so we cannot be pleased with the achievement in Scotland because, crudely, they’ve done more? Do they think their audience is sufficiently dim to not realise that England has ten times the doses available and ten times the jabbers on hand so that 354 000 should, all things being equal, be 950 000!

The Conservative Government has failed dramatically here, lagging behind Scotland by miles. Were it the other way round, would we get this confused smokescreen of raw data used instead of meaningful percentages, used?

April 20th 2021

In February 2021 as Scotland raced to a 100% coverage, England has yet to even approach.

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5 thoughts on “Covid: Scotland’s teenagers already bucking the UK vaccination trend

  1. As of yesterday only 13% of 12-15 year olds in England had been vaccinated. Reporting Scotland managed to report this on Wed evening but only because an academic from the University of Sheffield interviewed on the programme let the cat out of the bag that Scotland was doing much better than England.

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    1. Every night on the BBC 6pm slot they give the daily ‘UK’ figures and state that X% of people over 12 have had a vaccine, specifically to prevent any inter-UK comparison in England.

      The BBC have spent the entire pandemic undermining Scotland and hiding comparisons between the two NHS systems. I can only speak for myself but I believe I followed the lockdown rules very well because I was encouraged to by concise daily briefings AS WELL AS comparison between how well we were doing relative to England.

      If the English had the same comparative information maybe they’d have realised they had to do more, and would have done more, and saved thousands of lives.

      But undermining Scotland was more important than facing up to their own failings so thousands more have died in England than needed to simply because the English public didn’t realise how bad;y they were doing.

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  2. Aye, spotted that piece, groaned in anticipation and was not disappointed, clearly written in Pacific Quay’s Tardis as it’s now 13 minutes old, good old Christopher Sleight of hand.

    Below the numbers diversion part you quoted was this :
    “The numbers are similar for 16-17 year olds – in England 771,719 have been given a first dose, almost 10 times higher than the number in Scotland.”

    It’s a pathetic attempt at obscuring Scotland continues to do well…

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  3. It may be beyond medical science – but is there a possibility of , in the near future , a BBC vaccine ?
    This would be a single dose Jag that effectively allowed one to see the world ( especially Scotland ) as it is and not be affected by the BBC Blight which seriously impaired the brain stem causing an overload of negativity in the affected person .

    It could be named for those poor souls most afflicted – the SCS jag ( Smith Campbell Summers ) .

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  4. I suspect the only reason BBC Scotland makes any reference to the higher rate of vaccinations in Scotland for that age group on their web page, is that they were forced to, as the BBC Network news had already highlighted it, otherwise it would not have been mentioned at all by BBC Scotland,

    The ridiculous caveat that BBC Scotland put in regarding the relative sizes of the populations as though this has somehow inflated Scotland’s efforts is child like nonsense.

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