Nearly 99% of new Covid cases NOT picked up in hospitals

Only 37 (0.1%) of Covid cases were reported as definitely picked up in hospitals, down from 53 in the previous week, in the week-ending 28th March 2021. A further 25 (0.2%), down from 27, were probable cases and 25 812 (98.7%) were picked up in the community.

Why do they decrease or increase? I bet it’s that SNP not providing enough nurses or cleaners.

Well, you’ll see from the two graphs below, hospital-onset infections started to climb at the end of September 2020 as admissions increased. More patients, more infection. Who’d a thunk?

The same thing happened in the first wave. Admissions start to fall at the end of April and, as if by magic, hospital infections did too.

I used to be a primary teacher. I rate that concept teachable at P4, age 9.

It’d be P6, age 10 though, before I’d explain the percentages. So, it’s 2% to 3% definite cases and around 2% probable cases at the peak.

NHS England has solved its problem with reports of up to 25% in October of all cases hospital-onset, compared to 1% in Scotland, by just not recording that anymore.

4 thoughts on “Nearly 99% of new Covid cases NOT picked up in hospitals

    1. They did report the success of the vaccine rollout in Scotland of 12-15 year olds. Today’s figures show that 42% have been vaccinated with one dose since 20th Sept.

      The expert they interviewed from the Uni of Sheffield really let the cat out of the bag bigtime when he said Scotland was doing much better than England who started at the same time as Scotland, 20th Sept, but have only vaccinated 13% of 12-15 year olds. He’ll no be invited back.


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