5 thoughts on “Hard border anyone?

  1. Yup, border posts to keep drugs out of Scotland.

    Because Labour and Tory governments allowed a huge resurgence of opium farming in Afghanistan, when they controlled that country.
    This after the Taliban had abolished the trade in 2000.
    Afghanistan heroin accounts for 95% of Europe’s supply (1% of America’s heroin).
    Think on this the next time you hear DRossie, Starwars or BBC Hootsmon gloating about Scotland’s dreadful drug deaths.


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    1. Scotland needs to have control of their vast coastline, which is where apparently much of the drugs used to be and probably still are, imported into Scotland, easy peasy to land a boat anywhere really, with lack of policing of Scottish territorial waters, which is a reserved power to the London English government.

      The BritNats are quite happy for drugs to be imported into Scotland by any means, and they are then distributed across the UK no doubt. As has beenreoprted here not long ago, the legacy of the BritNats’ long and terrible rule over Scotland on this matter is a painful, sad, tragic tale of misery. It meant really bad housing, joblessness, a sense of hopelessness and despair, peoples’ self esteem beaten out of them, no prospects, and a perfect recipe for a drugs bonanza, win win for the Westminster government, they have kept taking Scotland’s massive resources for a very long time to the detriment of the people of Scotland.

      The SNP have made inroads, only now with independence can Scotland continue to repair the damage of the far too long BritNat rule.


  2. As night follows day there will be some Tory MP/MSP attacking the Scot Gov’s record on some aspects of these stats no matter how trivial. Diversion ..it’s just what they do to deflect the true extent of their failures.

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