Why some don’t complain to hospital managers?

Maybe I’m old fashioned but if I’d been unhappy with the heating or cleaning in the wards where my four were born, I’d have complained directly.

Some take the story to Anas Sarwar or some other opposition politician for all-too-obvious reasons.


Then those supposed ‘quality’ newspapers pick the story up for free and use it in a wider strategy:

9 thoughts on “Why some don’t complain to hospital managers?

  1. All part of a joined up coordinated command control STATE propaganda system now terminally collapsing
    Which now by any means must prevent Scottish Indy
    This has their secret forces now on full alert,action stations and in full war mode
    This originates and trickles down from the very top
    Make no mistake about this
    The British state most certainly has loads
    Of form re such matters that has a 1000 yr history
    The old scraggy dying dog knows no other way
    Time very fast approaching to take the gloves off and put the poor old dog out of its misery
    And when done tis and shall be a Act of Kindess

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  2. Ah but surely the Sun is reporting on a different story from the same mother ?

    In the Sun version the mother was in Ward Fury (is this a new innovation instead of ward numbers ?) and the baby left “without a blanket in a dirty ward”.

    In (Herald ?) the second, the baby was wrapped in a “choking hazard”, but at least they identified why the towels had run out the door, they were under fire, presumably incontinent pigeons from Pacific Quay ?

    Whether the mother sought the publicity or someone else seeded the story is neither here nor there, when the media are clamouring for negative NHS headlines and can only come up with ONE complaint it’s not a system failure, it’s systematic propaganda…

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  3. If non dom tax evading 90 year old newspaper owners paid their taxes there would be more blankets for everyone. Away with £34Billion. Criminal supporting illegal wars. Illegally surveilling people, hacking phones and bribing public officials. Now relentlessly campaigning against the NHS. Trying to destroy the world.

    Some people have no shame. Supporting killing babies and their mothers. A climate change denier. His family do not even support him. Despite the silver spoon in their mouth. The Sun should stop printing vile rubbish. Especially in Liverpool. Trying to stir up trouble and insult people. Especially the wonderful NHS. NewsCorp are responsible for ruining the world. Disgusting hacks. They are so of track. Unbelievable. Pay the tax. Muck rakers. Go and do something useful like working in the NHS. Saving lives not destroying them.

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  4. I get the feeling that throughout this pandemic the opposition politicians have an ”Ambulance chaser ” ( copyright A. Sarwar esq) in every major Scottish hospital where they advertise for ”stories” and promise the lucky donor a guaranteed slot on Reporting Scotland .
    Those with really macabre stories will get a personal meeting with Anas and be promised a mention in his next election debate !


  5. And, because it was a ‘choking’ blanket, the baby MUST have choked as MUST thousands of others.

    I remember once being faced by a teacher, trembling with rage, demanding that a boy be expelled from school, because the boy had dropped an empty plastic drinks bottle over a bannister, and the bottle ‘might have been a glass one’. The reply that it wasn’t, it was a soft plastic one, was met with fury and claims of WEAK MANAGEMENT!

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  6. I wonder why they are going for the Scottish NHS it’s becoming obsessive. distraction from catastrophic, destructive scary Brexit, imposed on Scotland?
    Can’t have Scotland’s NHS doing well because that means the democratically elected government in Scotland are doing something to repair decades of BritNats’ uninvestment and damage to Scotland’s health care system, and it also exposes how England’s NHS is literally being dismantled.
    It’s the only weapon the BritNats have to use and even then they are grasping at straws. Oh and I didn’t now blankets could run, cripes! What next!

    Ps, I don’t like the way they say ‘under-fire’ given the amount of very weird fires that have taken place in Scotland this past year or so. :-/

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    1. I recall a Sunday edition of Good Morning Scotland, just after DRoss became leader of the Scottish Tories. The question being posed was ‘how can he oppose the SNP Government?’ the panel comprised not just Tory advisers, but also Labour and LibDems. The discussion was actually CHAIRED by the presenter, Ms Isabel Fraser. When I say ‘chair’, I mean that she was moderating a discussion with the intention of having outcomes to define an opposition strategy. The conclusion was that ‘health’ and ‘education’ should be the principal ‘attack lines’ and that is what BBC Scotland has been doing, with occasional forays into attacking Police Scotland.

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    1. She took early retirement about a year ago. My impression was similar to yours so I was surprised at the seemingly partisan position adopted.

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