Bol of confusion?

The Herald’s David Bol writes:

MPs have criticised the UK Government taking a different path to the devolved nations in the early stages of the pandemic – warning it led to “confusion” over the rules by the public.

You see the difference. The MPs criticised the UK Government for confused messaging. They didn’t criticise the Scottish Government for taking a different path but Bol’s headline suggested both were to blame.

5 thoughts on “Bol of confusion?

  1. The Herald should know all about ‘confusing’ people they seem experts at it, just like the BBC in fact. Maybe people know by now to just shoogle the words in any Herald headline so it reads the opposite to what appears to be the intended message. Same re the BBC.

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    1. Spot on! The BBC and other media since the start have sought to muddy the message. How many times have we heard on Good Morning Scotland, the question, “Isn’t there a lack of clarity? Hasn’t this not been thought through?” Obfuscation has been the purpose thinly disguised as attempting to clear up anomalies that they had invented.

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  2. The headline “UK and Scottish governments’ different Covid messaging caused ‘confusion’ MPs find” is indeed deliberate distortion to imply mutual blame.

    The Committee did remark on inconsistency across the 4 nations of the messaging, but it’s very clear London was the outlier and source of the confusion, probably generated deliberately to allow the political propagandists to portray devolved parliaments as being out of step.

    eg – We already know SG adopting the JCVI recommendations on vaccine rollout produced markedly different results north and south, and the only logical explanation for London’s divergence was political, with the media attack dogs readied for the vaccination olympics.

    The extent to which London’s politics is able to dictate the media line has been deeply troubling, but that it is prepared to sacrifice lives in a global pandemic for political gain while the media cover it up is truly frightening.

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  3. Watched “The Post” last night, great film about the Washington Post and publish or be damned. No such luck here with our press in the hands of the Tories. Any journalists out there with a thread of decency in them?

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