Scotland’s emergency services 27% faster than Wales and 18% faster than England

In NHS Scotland for the week-ending 3rd October 2021, 71.3% of patients were seen in 4 hours.

NHS England and Wales do not do weekly reports but in August, the most recent figures available:

NHS Scotland’s A&E department’s saw 77.8% within 4 hours.

In the same period, NHS England saw, on average, only 66.2% and NHS Wales saw only 60.1%.

NHS Scotland is thus 17.5% faster (11.6% of 66.2) than England and 26.5% faster than Wales.

The real gap with England is probably even greater as NHS England cheats. NHS England starts the clock again after patients are admitted while NHS Scotland counts from arrival in A&E. 

MSM in England and Wales are neither reporting these even more terrifying figures and certainly not, they never do, using photographs of their health secretaries to do so.


4 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency services 27% faster than Wales and 18% faster than England

  1. As usual the BBC and MSM are jumping all over the scottish figures, but not a word about the even worse figures of the Rest’UK.

    I first saw this on BBC web site yesterday and the first thing I thought about it, was not that the figures were bad, It was this looks like another BBC media scam against the scottish government.

    I was right –

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  2. These are awful figures for A&E say the Tories . Is this their way of saying that they should be similar to those in England ?
    So we need to match those of England’s NHS ?
    Is this a new version of ”Levelling up ” ?

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  3. A single decimal point below England’s figures would be instant nationwide news which lasted for weeks much as the Covid reporting. It’s abundantly clear with England in the stank performance wise, historical comparisons are now the instructed Union/Spin-Unit line…

    On associated note I see HMS Sarah Smith’s latest ploy (presumably a Bowie Unit production) is “Scotland’s excess deaths at highest level since January”, with charts and all forms of schlock, but the tailpiece was hysterical –
    “In 2020, Scotland recorded the highest number of peacetime excess deaths since 1891, when the country was hit by an outbreak of the Russian flu.”
    Any comparative England figures ?

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  4. BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning devoted lots of time to reporting the problems currently besetting the NHS in Wales. I heard most but not all of the programme but it seemed extremely ‘light’ on political accountability.

    The main interview was not with the Welsh FM or health minister but with the CEO of NHS Wales. And interviews with or statements from opposition politicians in Wales? Must have missed them!

    The BBC News website’s Wales section has an article today with this headline: ‘NHS Wales facing its most challenging period, says chief exec’. It is a spin-off from the interview on Today referred to earlier. We find this:

    ‘Asked why patients awaiting planned surgery in Wales were five times more likely than those in England to have to wait more than a year for treatment, Dr Goodall said it was vital to do more to improve access to care. “Before we came into the pandemic, we had some issues around our waiting times and have been focusing on actions to improve that”, he said.’

    So for BBC Wales that seems to constitute a perfectly acceptable response except it hardly answers the question!

    Notably in this BBC article there is: (i) no mention of the Labour government in Wales; and (ii) no reference to – no quotes from -opposition politicians in the Senedd. Basically little or no politicisation!

    The BBC News website’s Scotland page published an article a day ago with this headline: ‘Latest A&E waiting times worst on record again’.

    In contrast with the apolitical Welsh article, from BBC Scotland we read: (i) the claims of opposition politicians that the A&E figures are “terrifying” and an “unmitigated disaster”; (2) the opposition attacks on the Health Secretary Humza Yousaf ; and (3) multiple paragraphs given over to quotes from individual Tory, Lib Dem and Labour MSPs. Basically highly politicised coverage!

    For context, the latest NHS Scotland statistics for A&E revealed that 71.3% of patients were seen within the target time.

    On 23 September, 2021 the BBC News website’s Wales section has this headline: ‘NHS Wales: Waiting times and A&E at worst performance level’ . It reveals that the latest performance against the 4 hour waiting time standard was just 68.7%.

    The article does include responses from Welsh ministers. And from opposition politicians? Well, it has a scathing attack (not!) from one opposition politician, from the (apparently mild mannered?) Welsh Conservatives:

    ‘The Welsh Conservative’s health spokesman Russell George said: “This is not the new normal. Not long before the pandemic, the Labour-run NHS was regularly breaking all the wrong records. Among the Covid-related issues affecting public services, there are deep-rooted problems that have not been tackled in the devolution era.”

    So nothing ‘terrifying’, no ‘disasters’ being claimed by the opposition parties in BBC Wales’ coverage. The contrast with BBC Scotland could hardly be more stark. I suspect we all know why!

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