Drakeford ‘slightly at odds with’ Sarwar?

From NATION CYMRU yesterday:

A second referendum in Scotland is “likely” before 2025 and Wales must prepare for it by holding its own constitutional convention, the First Minister has said.

Mark Drakeford told the Morning Star that the Welsh Government would be pressing ahead with the convention “to make sure we do the thinking on what choices” would be available to Wales.

“The fragility of the United Kingdom is very real and our convention is designed to make sure we do the thinking on what choices there are on that future.

The membership and terms of reference will be announced in the next few weeks and will include a very strong strand of citizens’ voices in the work of the commission.”

His comments puts the Welsh Labour leader slightly at odds with Scottish Labour, whose official position is that there will not be another independence referendum until at least the next set of devolved elections.


What does Labour plan for Scotland?

Gordon Brown is to return to politics to lead a commission tasked with settling “the future of the union”, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said. 

The former Prime Minister will re-examine the devolution settlement and devise a ‘second phase’ of the transfer of powers from Westminster to Holyrood.


Citizen’s voices in Scotland? No, Gordon will settle it for us. Slightly at odds? Different planet.


7 thoughts on “Drakeford ‘slightly at odds with’ Sarwar?

  1. Simple to explain
    The British State is based on a very subtle out of sight behind the scene and well out of sight command/control system
    Just think Corbyn who came so near to
    Beating them
    Who now banished to history
    They see Scottish Indy as a direct,immediate threat of the highest order and well aware that the Genie is well and truly out the bottle now
    So Sarwar takes orders in his branch office from Stammer who knows full well
    That if he fails to heed the commands of
    The real power behind the screens,that he will suffer the same fate as Corbyn
    By hook or crook
    And as the centre do not not (YET)
    See Plaid Cymru as a credible or serious threat
    They use Welsh labour to keep the threat
    Of Welsh Indy at bay,especially as Conservatives still a large force in Welsh
    Affairs, along with the fact that Wales is economically a burden and of little value to them
    This is just a game in Wales by the British state pulling upon the strings of their puppets for their own purposes
    Meanwhile Scottish Indy Forces MUST be thwarted at all costs, as the consequences of failing are of a most terrifying nature for them
    In economic,political, geo political military and field’s of Influence terms
    Place yourself in their shoes and you soon realise what in effect really going on with regards losing Scotland
    The British State knows full well they are now in a fight to the death,defeat is the
    End of them for ever and ever with no possible way back
    But be very very careful that despite in reality being a Paper Tiger their instincts are now that of a critically wounded Bear
    Which overrules their actions as they struggle in vain to lash out
    Shout Boo and they WILL run a mile and fall into the cess pit that they have been unwittingly digging for themselves
    Just stand back at a respectable distance
    From such pit and avoid the resultant splash of obnoxious cess pit contents
    Landing upon a free Scotland

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  2. Starmer appointing the Bodger to decide on constitutional policy is typical of the dirigiste, ‘we know best’ mentality which has been in the bones of many in the Labour Party for decades.

    Often, originally, they were sincerely well meaning, but, having got a taste of power they were corrupted and dirigisme was easier than genuine engagement and debate. Debate was usually stifled by deploying the ‘straw man’ argument, to caricature all opponents – e.g. in the Bodger’s recent New Statesman piece he just asserts that those supporting independence in Scotland are ‘nationalists’, which he exemplifies as ‘bad’, ergo, Scottish independence is bad.

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    1. Yes the ‘nationalists’ tosh is the British nationalists’ default go to theme to describe the INTERNATIONALISTS in Scotland who want to escape the narrow, backward looking, racist, backward English rule, their BritNat ethnic nationalist stance is absolutely blatant now and there for all to see.

      To see the folks interviewed down south, sitting in their cars waiting at the petrol stations, saying how they voted for Brexit and are happy as larry the WM cat, even one of them saying he’d just come back from living in Spain where the ‘UK is the laughing stock’, but he’d voted for Brexit and stands by that, jeezus help!!!!!

      That’s the sort of British nationalist mentality that Scotland MUST reject and escape from, because when these people do get angry, and they will, guess who they will take their anger out on! A ready dads army to attack Scotland if the English nationalist government wants them to, they will work for free as well!

      Scotland I repeat myself, get out! 2023 may be too late though…I really really hope not.


  3. I suspect Gordo, the One Eyed King, will be more in touch with Boris, the King of the World, than he will be with Starwars.

    And the his Commission, when it reports will say:—

    “Once upon a time, there was a Vow…………………………..


  4. For all Mark Drakeford is Labour to his bones, his is the Labour Scots once admired and supported wholeheartedly, grounded, sound principles and democracy.
    Labour in Scotland lost that and paid dearly for their arrogance at elections, with Ian Murray their last hope in Westminster with a Nike fetish, and Anas Sarwar determined his “Milly Main” campaign still has legs.

    Sarwar and Murray are modern career politicians without an ounce of principle or perceived honesty between them.

    Keir Hardy would recognise Mark Drakeford’s principles, Sarwar would require an appointment with a colleague for dental repairs, Murray would be in intensive care.


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