BBC 1 News accused of not sharing with Reporting Scotland again


The above very useful graphic was yesterday being used by BBC 1 News to, in the public interest, shed light on the UK Government lagging behind in the vaccination of 12-15 year-olds as infection rates soar in England. The failure is due to a strategy based on vaccinating in schools rather than in local authority and health board centres.

Reporting Scotland has not reported this data.

In April, we saw the same thing:

BBC UK, once again, not doing what BBC Scotland prefer and presenting information revealing that we’re not lagging behind.

This time is was vaccinations. Surely we’re behind. Did Alex Cole-Hamilton not say that recently? He would make it up would he?

Of course comparisons are pointless unless they show Scotland in a bad light.

How is England doing?

95%? Good, unless of course it’s just ‘offered’ and not really ‘jabbed.’

Wales, I’m sure they ‘re ahead:

What? Really? Behind?

Northern Ireland?

No way! Can’t be.

These are official figures? BBC Scotland clearly knows better than to use them.


4 thoughts on “BBC 1 News accused of not sharing with Reporting Scotland again

  1. BBC commitment to Scotland.

    “For your licence fee, we will give you:–
    Nothing like the truth,
    Anything but the truth,
    Not the whole truth and nothing like the whole truth”.

    “We will spend half your licence fee money in Scotland, while England gets 100%+ of its moneys, and Wales gets 100%.
    The half of your licence fee spent in Scotland, will also be to fund programs with an English cultural theme, personnel and script-writers. And of course Brit Nat news management.
    This will allow us to use English licence fee money for more Tudor history, documentaries and drama-docs”
    “Win, win–for us, that is”!

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  2. Yes I chuckled when I saw the BBC 1 UK network news graphic.

    I wondered how BBC Scotland staff would react. Maybe hide under the table or behind a curtain until they could try to deflect any good news on Scotland.

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    1. I was given a regular flu jag on Sunday afternoon along with a Covid booster, Moderna. All easy and quick (apart from the fact it took almost two and a half hours with a walk and bus to and from the Health Centre where this took place, and not their fault i just missed a bus on the return leg).
      Slight ache in left arm overnight and Monday after booster but otherwise fine.


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