The deadliest of delays ignored by Scotland’s media

Something very big’s missing this morning from BBC Scotland headlines. The Herald and the Scotsman are playing it quietly too.

What is it? It’s this:

An incredibly damning report that lays thousands of unnecessary deaths at the door of No 10 and the Conservative Government, along with its SAGE advisers.

BBC UK and England have it:

BBC Scotland staff are working hard, right now, with opposition politicians, to construct a narrative that draws the Scottish Government in to share the blame so, quickly:

  1. The devolution of the law enabling Scotland to control pandemic measures took place at the very end of March 2020, by which time the virus was everywhere. The Scottish Senior Medical Officer had very limited access to SAGE decision-making.
  2. Scotland had no say in furlough arrangements and was not allowed to borrow to save businesses or support those in need.
  3. The Scottish Government’s measures, over the pandemic have resulted in the lowest infection rate in the UK and the second-lowest death rate, after Northern Ireland, and around 30% lower than in England.
  4. The Scottish Government’s determination to vaccinate all care home residents before all other groups, following the JCVI guidelines unlike England, led to far fewer deaths
  5. The attempt again to blame care home deaths on hospital discharges has now been rejected by at least 5 research studies which have then attributed them to larger corporate homes, their overcrowding and reliance on agency staff.

I can reference the evidence for all of the above.

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4 thoughts on “The deadliest of delays ignored by Scotland’s media

  1. Even south of the Border I had a chuckle at some journalists telling us in the ‘Press Review’ on TV last night that the UK Gov had done somethings ‘brilliantly’. I could not believe my ears.

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  2. Plain for all to see. There is no getting away from it. By it’s own admission. The total mismanagement, misappropriation, misjudgement and corruption of the Westminster unionist Gov. People in Scotland know about it. Overwhelming, credible support for the Scottish Government.

    Independence will be even better. Curb the power of the corrupt, illegal UK Gov. Lockdown a week sooner would have saved 20,000. Lives. Austerity and Brexit leading to earlier death. Life expectancy in the south going down. The first time in 40 years.

    Irish unification on the cards.. After the illegal Partition. 1923. Universal Suffrage 1928. If Ireland had waited five years, the people could have voted for Home Rule/Independence. The Westminster unionist failure. Years of trouble and strife at a total avoidable cost. The unionists in NI breaking UK Law. With impunity. For unionist votes at Westminster.

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  3. Pandemic response from the UK Government showed how ”awesome” Global Britain could be.

    A world leader in …infections , deaths , obfuscation !

    Soon to be followed by world leading ”passing the buck !” or as BBC Shortbread will put it ” A Big Girl ( Nicola Sturgeon ) did it and ran away ! ”

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