Will Alex Cole Hamilton get Ed Davey to demand ambulance waiting times every week too?

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Alex Cole-what?

ACH (Write your own acronym – a complete….) is getting heavy media coverage with his call for weekly reporting of ambulance waiting times given the titchy size of his party. Shouldn’t the Greens have a bigger presence?

Anyhow, it seems that his boss Sir Ed Davey is not calling for the same from NHS England where they are only prepared to make them up monthly despite them having been ‘off the scale’ according to BBC UK.

Was ACH prompted by one of the two opposition leaders he’s keen to ally with, Douglas Ross, based on a typically dyscalculic report from the Herald claiming the average was six hours.


With this schoolboy howler he went for the FM last month in Holyrood. It turns out that the average in the first week of September was 9 minutes.


What would the purpose of weekly data be? Does ACH want people to think more carefully before calling 999? Does he just want a weekly opportunity to say something? Did a reporter beg him to do it? Does he have a Higher Maths?

Getting back to Sir Ed, you’d think he’d be on this given the crisis in his Surrey base:

Surrey crash victim waits 2 hours for ambulance before family …https://globalnews.ca › news › surrey-crash-victim-waits…3 Jun 2021 — You feel helpless in that moment.” Click to play video: ‘B.C. paramedic crisis: woman waits for more than an …

Ambulance blackspot crisis call – Surrey Livehttps://www.getsurrey.co.uk › News › Local News3 Feb 2006 — In a bid to tackle the problem, a joint venture between Surrey Ambulance and St John Ambulance, called Neighbourhood First Responder Scheme, …

Surrey mom called 911 for daughter, ambulance never camehttps://www.citynews1130.com › 2021/06/21 › aurrey-…21 Jun 2021 — “It’s not only for us, we are doing it for everyone, because so many people have the same problem.” Related video. Convergent health crises …

5 thoughts on “Will Alex Cole Hamilton get Ed Davey to demand ambulance waiting times every week too?

  1. More wasteful work for someone else.

    Will Cole’s airbnbers be flying into Scotland. Before or after COP26.

    More flights for Scotland. Less flights for Heathrow. Heathrow totally subsidies.
    A Scottish Gov would have to pay to guarantee slots. Or lose connectivity.


  2. John, this isnt about ambulances but Cole-Hamilton’s ego and his need for publicity. Mark my words, he will become a go-to-guy for the necessary expressions of outrage about anything that the SG do. Its symbiotic – the media get their “authority” and he gets publicity. Everyone’s happy!
    Well, unless you are interested in the truth.

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