The Fifth Columnists?

The Scotsman

There are five columns on this Scotsman page and former New Labour minister, Brian Wilson, with Lord McConnell’s special adviser, Susan Dalgety, make up the fifth column.

These two are regular attack mutts on the SNP on an almost daily basis. Unhampered by any responsibility to offer evidence or, heaven forfend, the truth.

I probably don’t need to remind of just how venal they can be but:

Anyhow, Fifth Columnists:

A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.,to%20assist%20an%20external%20attack.

9 thoughts on “The Fifth Columnists?

  1. Brian Wilson, as a director of the Scottish Resource Group (Scottish Coal) left huge dereliction and abandonment of its opencast sites in the old mining areas of Scotland. It has cost a fortune to clean them up.
    The workers for Scottish Coal were also left with a smaller pension, as the company hadn’t paid its proper dues.

    This is Brian Wilson.
    He got paid for coal extraction, and leaving an expensive moger for Joe Public to clean up.
    He got paid for promoting Irish wind power.
    He got paid (and probably will again) for promoting nuclear power.

    He is an expert at none of this. He was a politician in an energy department, and presumably uses his industry contacts to make an easy buck.

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  2. Brian Wilson.
    He detests the idea of “Scotland” and Scottish self-government. As a British nationalist, he fought tooth and nail against the very limited idea of devolution, preferring Scots to be run from Westminster.

    Brian Wilson.
    As an Irish nationalist, he supports a united and self-governing Ireland. He has confessed to singing Irish Rebel songs, not least in Hillsborough Castle. he sang “Kevin Barry” a song extolling the virtues of an IRA gunman.
    Imagine his frothing reaction if any SNP politician made reference to political violence as a method to gain self-governance?

    I think Wilson is a fraud and a hypocrite, and it says a lot about the gutter standards now prevalent within the Herold and Scotsman, who pay Wilson money for his bile.

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    1. andyfromdunning
      You ask if Brian Who?
      Susan Who?
      Lord Mconn…..?
      Are they English
      Do not know
      But can confirm that for definite they all and their ilk are a Sub Species of Homo Sapiens
      Generosity of Spirit inhibits myself from
      Describing what such a Sub Species actually constitutes
      But i assure you it is not good


  3. ”Breathes there the man with soul so dead ,
    Who never to himself hath said , This is my own my native land .. ”

    Yes , and that man is Brian Wilson ! ( but there are many others who would like to claim his title – strangely , almost all working for ”Scottish ” newspapers )

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