TRNSMT transmitted a tiny 1% of cases

There were around 18 000 new cases of Covid-19 in the same week as the TRNSMT festival:

Around 50 000 attended and according to BBC Scotland, 551 of new cases had been at the festival, though it is not clear home many picked up the infection there.

Either way, that looks like 3% of all infections in Scotland or 1% of those attending – not big news.

2 thoughts on “TRNSMT transmitted a tiny 1% of cases

  1. Lisa Summers ( BBC Pandemic expert ) will soon produce a report that , along with the Nike conference in Edinburgh , this festival was another ”ground zero” event which has been covered up by the Scottish Government .

    This report , while being entered for the Booker Prize for Fiction , will feature relentlessly on the BBC Shortbread website until the next ”exclusive” from Lisa ”Covid” Summers on how bad the SNP are at Health matters.

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  2. Had spotted the article in prime spot of the Scotland page, but didn’t bother reading it, however fell over a clip of this latest PQ wheeze on Youtube, where Katie Hunter said “Around 50,000 music bands were on Glasgow Green for each of the 3 days….”, presumably she meant fans ?

    Anyhow that’s 150,000 potential contacts, but 551 “told contact tracers they had been there around the time of their illness”, but no mention of where else they’d been where they may have contracted it, however statistically miniscule…

    One minute they’re trumpeting against the “Vaccine passport” initiative, then they come out with this drive, truly desperate stuff coming out of HMS Sarah Smith these days…

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