Herald’s Royal Correspondent sides with UK Court against children’s rights

With typically immature photo selection, the Herald’s Tom Gordon sides with the Tories deliberately politicising a serious human rights issue.

A more educated and, typically, more humane interpretation is different from that of the Blue Meanies in Holyrood who historically have favoured a harsher regime for even their own children to toughen them up as Masters of the Empire:

Tom Gordon is, of course, well in with the English establishment. See this empathetic response to Prince Charles, from March 2020:

A FORMER SNP MP has been slammed after using Prince Charles’s diagnosis with coronavirus to promote Scottish independence. 

Clarence House confirmed this morning that Prince Charles had tested positive for the virus on Tuesday night and was self-isolating at the Queen’s Aberdeenshire estate. 

The 71-year-old royal was said to have mild symptoms but was “otherwise in good health”.

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, arrived in Scotland on Sunday.

The Duchess, 72, has tested negative.

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6 thoughts on “Herald’s Royal Correspondent sides with UK Court against children’s rights

  1. I was informed about the result of this case by the BBC . . . . BBC Radio 2’s 12 noon news bulletin.
    Been listening to The BBC’s radio station broadcast at Scotland since and they haven’t mentioned it (currently 12.25pm). But they managed to broadcast 5 mins of Lord Haw Haw (Boris Johnson)

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  2. And so the limits on the agency of the Scottish electorate, as expressed through the Holyrood Parliament, become even more tightly bound with today’s Supreme Court ruling – or perhaps it’s just that we now cannot pretend to ourselves that we ever really had much agency anyway except by the grace and favour of Westminster! Power devolved is power retained!

    The reality of this is becoming clearer with ‘muscular Unionism’. Is Johnson doing us a favour in a strange kind of way – providing a wake-up call to reveal Scotland’s actual status in this so-called Union? Perhaps – but only if we act on it and soon.

    Remember the exposure of the Sewel Convention as no sort of protection? From the Institute for Government: ‘The Supreme Court ruled, in 2017, that since the Sewel convention remains just a political convention, “policing the scope and manner of its operation does not lie within the constitutional remit of the judiciary”. This means the devolved governments cannot turn to the courts to enforce the legislative consent convention.

    ‘This means that the UK parliament can pass bills WITHOUT DEVOLVED CONSENT, even when the UK government accepts that the legislation in question falls within the scope of the Sewel convention.’ (my emphasis)

    And we have had the UK Internal Market Act, passed into law without consent of the Scottish Parliament. The implications of this Act probably are still not fully appreciated by many folk in Scotland.

    Labour in Scotland was and still seems to be acquiescent on this subject. But Labour Party members in Scotland should reflect on this in Labour List on 9 September 2020, from Labour FM, Mark Drakeford:

    ‘Mark Drakeford has said that the internal markets bill represents a “smash and grab” on the devolution settlement and takes back powers that have been devolved to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland for 20 years.

    ‘In a Times Radio interview this morning, the Labour Welsh First Minister discussed the legislation published today, which would grant British ministers with UNILATERAL POWERS after the UK leaves the EU.’

    And now we have this reported – further confirmation of a direction of travel if any was needed: “I have NO PROBLEM WITH BYPASSING Holyrood” – Douglas Ross speaking to a fringe meeting at the Tory Conference in Manchester over the weekend.

    And his Party’s strategy has already been showing early shoots of disruptive and divisive ‘success’. This is an example in the Press & Journal (15 December, 2020), reporting on Conservative co-leader of Aberdeen Council, Douglas Lumsden’s plans:

    ‘The UK Government has launched proposals to deal with Scottish councils, in order to prove the benefits of the Union.

    ‘That would include providing money through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which Mr Lumsden mentioned in his motion – and would not replace the core funding settlement from the Scottish Government.

    The council – by 22 votes to 19 – ruled chief executive Angela Scott should write to Scottish Secretary Alister Jack for grant funding.’

    When this is aggregated and then set alongside the constant mainstream media and BBC Scotland’s gaslighting of Scotland that TuS highlights daily the challenges are clear – and need confronting fully and loudly soon before we find they have become even greater!

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  3. Mr Lumsden. along with the illegal Labour Party members refused a gift of £80million for the UTGP, supported by the citizens. The ensuing mess is an absolute disgrace. ACC spent £200Million building empty shops and offices. They got the City into £Billions of debt illegally selling the City on the stock market. The spent £300million on a Conference Centre in the middle of nowhere. With limited car parking (£10) and limited meters. With poor transport links, £30million on an Art Gallery extension. The Gallery was shut for 5 years. A waste of time and space.

    The SNP Gov funded the AWPR after 40 years of rejection from unionists. All the Oil revenues went south. The SNP Gov funded the harbour extension. To aid the local economy.

    The Tories cannot be trusted with any public funds. The mess and shambles evident. Any monies coming from Westminster had been lost because of Brexit. £Billions of EU grants and investment have been lost to Scotland. The pittance coming back will be from funds taken out of Scotland by Westminster total incompetence and mismanagement.

    More people will vote SNP and vote for Independence.


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