Scotland’s deficit isn’t a fact but a farce

Wings Over Scotland | The SIX key facts about GERS

Ed: From a letter published in the Herald but so usefully succinct and punchy it’s worth sharing again here:

From Leah Gunn Barrett

Scotland’s deficit isn’t a fact but a farce. Tory-designed GERS shows what it costs Scotland to be part of the UK. 

First, the GERS ‘deficit’ includes billions spent outside Scotland “on our behalf” such as nuclear weapons, the military, English infrastructure, London civil servants, and lavish embassies. 

Second, GERS is bad accounting. Scottish income such as rents, interest and insurance that should be recorded here is recorded in south east England where the companies receiving the payment are based. This huge revenue transfer understates our revenues, making us look poorer. 

Third, GERS is full of estimates. For example, the amount of VAT, corporation, capital gains and inheritance tax paid in Scotland isn’t known, nor is the level of our exports and imports.

Finally, the UK Government loads GERS with interest payments on a population share of the UK’s debt, which Scotland didn’t create, that totals £130bn (£4.5bn last year) over the last 40 years. Without that enormous cost, Scotland’s finances would be in surplus. Scotland will have no obligation for UK debt upon independence.[1]

Westminster is terrified of losing Scotland because it needs our money, resources and land where it stores its nukes. 

It’s past time we dump not only GERS, but also this failed Union.


3 thoughts on “Scotland’s deficit isn’t a fact but a farce

  1. If London/WM is really subsidising Scotland, Wales and N.I – why doesn’t London/WM leave the UK? Then they could gift another £xxx million each week to their NHS, to add to the £350 million/week gifted to their NHS by leaving the EU? Oh .. wait a minute …

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  2. Few would disagree with Gunn Barret’s assessment.
    GERS was a con at inception by Ian Lang in 1992 to deprive Scots of devolved powers, and has been abused ever since to demonstrate Scotland is the basket case, not England.
    London’s nemesis is most of England believes it to be true, little wonder Brexit sold like hotcakes, but the sting in the tail is explaining why the serial ingrate Scotland should be shouldered further and disbarred from leaving….

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  3. Every year the GERS bullshit is rolled out with glee by MSM and Westminster lackeys and every year the SNP rebuttal unit is posted missing.

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