Covid infection rate falls to lowest for nearly two months

Placental infection may be more likely early in pregnancy; COVID-19 may  cause heart failure in some patients | Reuters
REUTERS/Phil Noble

There were1,760 new cases of COVID-19 reported in the last 24 hours from 19,959 new tests for COVID-19. 9.4% of these were positive.

This is the lowest rate since August 15th.

Only 67 are now in ICU, the lowest figure since September 5th. The Scotsman is still reporting a crisis in NHS Scotland.

6 thoughts on “Covid infection rate falls to lowest for nearly two months

  1. According to the opposition, everything you can think of is in crisis in Scotland. So, I am coming over to see for myself, despite the annoying need for a PCR test on day two.
    Arranged a dinner with my daughter on Wednesday, Thursday train to Fort William and then back to Glasgow for a family 70th celebration on Saturday (hopefully after Scotland gub Israel…). Sunday brunch after the full Scottish at the hotel and then a Glasgow curry on Monday. My crisis is that I don’t yet have anything booked for Tuesday!

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    1. Aye they should host it in London really, it’s not going to be good for Scotland because of the 100% anti Scottish media and no doubt a lot of planned false flag stuff re violent protests, as well of course the fact it’s being organised and hosted by the country next door, who will take all credit for anything good coming out of it, and who will ensure any disorganised disorder getting out of hand, is blamed on the Scottish government.

      I quite frankly would rather it was happening in another ‘place’ down south. Taking that from some Labour MP can’t remember her name when she said that ‘place up there’ when Scotland was mentioned…
      The Aussie PM has boycotted it so maybe others will do so.

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  2. Newsroom at Specific Cheese:—

    “Newsflash, boss—we have an assault on a lady at a political conference”!
    “Wow, get on it, there has only been one conference so far”!

    “Hearing its at the TORY conference, boss”!

    “Damn, that’s not a story for us—quick bury it deep”!
    “Run with, ‘DRossie shakes hands with Queen’. That’s what we got from the Hi Jack Bunker”!

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