Police accused of only helping out with 0.02% of emergency cases?

On Reporting Scotland throughout the day today, on the website, no doubt on Good Mourning Scotland and of course in the Mail, another unfounded scare story based on a supposed crisis in the ambulance service.

Scottish Daily Mail

Here’s the gist:

Police officers have “routinely” taken people to hospital in the back of police vehicles because an ambulance was unavailable, it has been claimed.

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) said officers were having to help relieve strain on under-pressure ambulance crews.

It has provided records to Scottish social affairs magazine, 1919, on about 30 incidents in recent months.


So it’s a trade union-sourced story clarified by the ambulance service but only at the end.

30 incidents in ‘recent months?’ The SAS made 542 000 emergency calls and 600 000 non-emergency calls in 2020.

Click to access 2020-07-27-signed-annual-report-and-accounts-2019-20.pdf

So if ‘recent months’ is, say 3, then that’s 30 out of 130 000 emergency calls, or 0.02%. Routinely?

6 thoughts on “Police accused of only helping out with 0.02% of emergency cases?

  1. At least they are doing something useful. Instead of criminalising vulnerable people. The liars at the Herald more absolute nonsense. Supporting Westminster warmongers.. Killing people.

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  2. The liars at the Herald. Paying £9Million for a ferry is a better deal than building two ferries for £200,000 in Scotland. Where do they get this rubbish. Honest to goodness, they just make it up. Do they take their readers for fools. Or do just fools read it. An insult to people’s intelligence.

    No wonder no one reads it. Groundhog Day at the Herald. A total pack of lies. Spewing out day after day. The same unadulterated rubbish. They think they can get away with it. Annoying people.

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  3. In the latest News broadcast at 08:30hrs on BBC breakfast the claim was “in the last month” and not in “recent months”

    So 130000/3 = 43334 per month which is 0.069%.
    The first question I would want an answer to is:-

    How many of the 30 out of 43334 or 0.069% were under detention or arrest at the time ????

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  4. I notice that this story is covered by Tom Gordon in the Herald. I thought Tom’s role was that Political Editor, not covering Health, or have they run out of staff?

    Are the remaining staff still recovering from trying to download the Covid App, or are they trapped in a strip club, perhaps the ferry has not turned up again?..

    Maybe there is more of a crisis in the Herald than we thought.

    Tom over to you, how are you coping?

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