3 thoughts on “Sturgeon strategy pays off as Scotland’s R number falls to lowest in UK

  1. Well as we should all be accustomed to by now if people get all their news from the MSMedia and the BBC/Sky there is simply no ‘good news’ to be had in Scotland. Thank goodness we have people like you John that cut thro’ the crap. Your much appreciated efforts will prevail and we should all be spreading it.

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  2. No connection whatever of course to the end of the tourist season, ahem, right..

    MSM are too busy trying to build the “Covid Passport Chaos” story, with even the National having been suckered into reporting the latest ludicrous (via DM) story https://www.thenational.scot/news/19621214.scotland-turned-use-english-covid-app-due-12-month-wait/ probably written by Andrew Bowie (6).

    The BBC are still smarting from their “no public interest” line colliding with the App download demand, so have reverted to amplifying bugs and “confusion”, so many football fans not having what they don’t yet require…. 🤣

    The credibility of the media is holed below the waterline…

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