8 thoughts on “Royally brass neck?

  1. The only Green thing is the outfit. The biggest, tax evading consumers on the plant lecturing others. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Westminster Gov graft and corruption.

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  2. As a citizen of this Planet
    I call upon The Royal Family
    To produce mostly
    Figs for their carbon footprint
    Then we shall see as to how privileged
    This pack of neanthradels truly are
    By comparing their CO2 production
    To that of the average global citizen
    And upon such they better run away
    And never show up again

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  3. It’s all for effect, adding to the faux idea that somehow Scotland is the most climate damaging part of the UK and it’s all the SNP’s fault. Thing is some people will believe this long living land stealing trougher. :-/

    Just absolutely aghast at the media myths (lies) about Scotland and the ScotGov, being published in the lead up to COP26.

    Control the media, control the narrative, Scotland is really bad, has no laurels and no intention or plan to mitigate climate change, or reduce their over reliance on all that cheap as chips dirty oil they keep extracting from their dirty territorial waters. Oh wait…I just typed the opposite to the truth! Dang!!

    Anyone else predict zillions of climate protesters from across the globe with huge placards saying ‘Scotland is very bad and wrecking our planet’ at COP26.

    Oh I should be careful writing the lies for them to shout because they know no better! We can all guess who will definitely claim ALL of the credit for any climate mitigation in the UKOK…

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  4. 8 vehicles were required to move the royals 200 metres from Holyrood Palace to the Parliament and back. They were all great beasts of things, average engine size about 5 litres, and all consuming petrol or diesel, none of them was electric or even a hybrid. Towards the end of proceedings a helicopter landed in the palace grounds presumably to take them back to Balmoral in an eco-friendly manner. Gross hypocracy doesn’t even come close

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  5. URGED to build a ‘fairer and greener future’!

    Now that is a novel, worthwhile political cause! Why have our MSPs – especially those SNP ones and also those Green ones now in government never thought of this before?

    Why has the party of government for the past decade or more in Scotland failed to acknowledge the importance of these issues – never had policy objectives for a greener and fairer future for Scotland in successive election manifestos, never passed legislation, never provided resources for such things?

    How on earth have we, the Scottish voters, failed election and election over more than a decade to acknowledge the importance of voting for a fairer and greener Scotland? What have we been thinking?

    But wait a minute – we the voters have and a majority of us voted a party into government time after time that has too. Arguably since the mid 1950s, in one way or another, voters in Scotland have as a majority opted to vote for those politicians at elections that most prioritised ‘fairness’!

    So perhaps the kindest conclusion to draw is that the monarch’s remarks were really directed at the Tory MSPs in the Holyrood chamber today! Otherwise one could descend into ‘rudeness’!

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  6. James
    You should and all be made aware that
    60% of all emissions of greenhouse gases
    Are laid firmly at the door of the top earners who in fact represent only 10 % of the entire population
    Worse still when you break down that top 10% then you discover in fact it is only 0.85 % of them that are responsible for 98 % of that 60%
    Not believe me
    Well Richard Branson and his recent jaunt into space for 18 mins produced the same amont of Carbon as 70000 average
    Families ( Yes Families not individuals )
    Produce in 1 year
    That is the real scale of the problem we must confront
    As no doubt the rich elite,powerful ( Inclusive of many a politician) and the upper end of the middle classes will kid on and play games to trick the rest of us
    That they are doing more than their bit
    Whilst convincing the rest of us that switching to paper straws and similar will sort the problem
    The time has now past that we the people tell them point blank to act expeditiously
    And if not we will revolt in masses and replace them promptly with representatives entirely of our chosing and rules if they refuse
    Such is NOT negoiatable

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  7. Space exploration is being undertaken, to mine other planets for minerals, getting scare on earth. Worth a fortune. Within a few years they will be harvesting minerals from Mars. Space travel could be gleaned. They are not just doing for the good of their health. They are doing it to make money. Health before wealth. Minerals are used in medical science. He world is running out of some of them. The clock is ticking. Pacemakers etc, Computer science. Still developing usingminerals getting scare on earth, A race against time.

    Space exploration is to get transportation for a craft to Australia in an hour. Or anywhere else. Time travel. Time travel backwards. Shooting up then down. A realistic proposition. A craft has already been designed for it, years ago. Saving 23 hours. A day of travel. They are not doing it for fun. They are doing it to make money. A fortune. Space travel could be green. An alternative. Saving hours of conventional travel. Depending how it develops. Greenwich mean time. Evaluates world time.

    They who dare wins. There are plans for a space centre in the North of Scotland. Better than nuclear. The foreign landowner is fighting the development but being overruled, by the local authority.

    The local authority in Glasgow could overrule nuclear and Orange marches. Both toxic ruining the economy. .

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