Scotland surges 7% ahead with vaccinations

Scotland has now given first doses to 7.4% more and 6.5% more second doses than England, confirming its position as the part of the UK with the highest vaccination level.

For some time now only Scotland has fully vaccinated all of the over 60s and seems likely to be first to do the over 50s too.

Scotland ‘s MSM are of course too busy over the alleged u-turn on drop-in vaccine centres to mention this.

5 thoughts on “Scotland surges 7% ahead with vaccinations

  1. It is not so long ago that BBC Scotland was ‘reporting’ (i.e.hoping, trying to worry the population, show that Scots are congenitally incapable) that uptake of vaccines in the 50/55 age group had ‘stalled’.

    They were also reporting, bout a fortnight after vaccinations for under 30s commenced that ‘only a third’ has been vaccinated. “Does this show reluctance amongst the young?”

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  2. “Andrew Marr, Andrew Marr, are you listening Andrew Marr. Your boys took a hell of a beating.
    Lord Nelson, Winston Churchill Nigel Farage, Ruth Von Truthie, Boris Johnson, DRossie Starwars—we have beaten them all.
    Tell London your boys took a hell of a beating Andrew Marr”!

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  3. I wonder why Wales have only managed to jag 92% of over 80s and only slightly better for over 60s, whereas Scotland and NI have managed 100% for all over 60s.
    Conversely they are higher in youngest groups.


  4. So 100% of the vulnerable have been vaccinated and those with a 1 in 20,000 or less, chance of death are still being made to suffer the neo-nazi policies of nicola murrell and her cult.
    Are you sure you’re a Doctor?


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