Scotland has lowest infection level in UK

No, of course, it’s not the news for our MSM in the way that it would be if we were the Covid capital again, but Scotland today has the lowest rate of Covid infection in the UK.

BBC Scotland, the Herald and the Scotsman are far too busy exposing the SNP’s ‘minority’ support, with a majority in Holyrood and the polls but a fatal minority of strip club owners, for vaccine passports and a supposed u-turn on drop in clinics. The latter is clearly crucial, with us leading the charge on vaccinations (next post).

Anyhow, from the UK Government:

  • Scotland 2 693 cases.
  • England with 10 times the population, not 26 930 but 28 836!
  • Wales with less population, 3 009.
  • Northern Ireland with one-third of the population, 1 039 cases, above one-third.

Sturgeon praised by majority in Holyrood.


3 thoughts on “Scotland has lowest infection level in UK

  1. “I’m looking at the latest stats now, but we wont dwell on that. We’ll go over to Ima Doomladen for the latest news”.
    “Glen, I’m outside the Teeny Bops nite club with the proprietor, Slinky De Graspo. Slinky, how are you coping with these dreadful impositions on your business”?
    “Well, Ima. Iz you ken, aw we want iz tae pack in the punters–as mony iz we cun, coz they wull be safe wi uz, in oor joint”.
    “When they cum in, they iz fine, an when they leave they iz even finer–they dont catch nuttin’ fae uz”!
    “Thanks, Slinky. Glen, as you see we are talking to the experts here on the ground. The very people who KNOW”!
    “Scientists and medics might be OK in theory, but in practice, Boris knows best. He isnt our wonderous PM for nothing, as you know”! ”
    “He allowed the virus free reign so we could all get the anti-bodies, while thon Nikla hud us all locked away”!
    “Bodies piled up, but its all been worth it, eh”!

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  2. Your first paragraph summarised Scotland’s plight in a nutshell…
    The BBC’s UK headline “Petrol deliveries: Supply remains critical in south-east England, say retailers” but for Scotland it’s “Queen speaks of ‘deep affection’ for Scotland”…


    1. Like many, I suspect, I have a ‘deep affection’ for many places and some people too but I have no wish or expectation ‘long to reign over them’!

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