No facts, no analysis, not really a ‘correspondent’

A shortage eh? The BBC Scotland Health Correspondent will have the facts, the numbers, eh?

Nope, no numbers just this:

On Thursday, Nicola Sturgeon was challenged to publish Scotland-wide figures on the extent of staffing shortages.

So a full time health correspondent with a team of researchers can’t find this out themselves? They want the FM to get the data from a mainly private sector service for them?

Surely they could have phoned up some care homes? You know the ones where a cousin of Anas Sarwar is the owner or where the manager lives next door to John Beattie? That kind of thing?

Of course, they’re running businesses. They don’t want us to know if they have too few staff to care for our old folk.

We do hear, unsourced, of a gap of 350 in the Aberdeenshire local authority workforce. Who told them that? Why can’t they be named? Douglas Ross is the linesman for their next match?

Anyhow, on that basis, nothing, we’re straight onto the ‘hospital crisis’. No mention, of course, of plummeting infecting levels, falling hospital admissions, falling ICU numbers or falling staff absences. A real correspondent knows how easy it is to get that data but this one doesn’t want to know because it doesn’t fit her agenda to keep scaring some of us.

5 thoughts on “No facts, no analysis, not really a ‘correspondent’

  1. This is further evidence of the ‘NHS in crisis’ campaign which BBC Scotland is waging on behalf of the unionists at the behest of the Scotland Office. Care services are mainly privately owned. Staffing is a matter for the owners. Brexit will have exacerbated shortages, but no one is allowed to say it is a factor.

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  2. The BBC are a disgrace for their lies, their undermining of the Scottish NHS, their fear mongering, and their utterly disgraceful bias in favour of the British nationalist parties, who are in fact mostly irrelevant in Scotland, but who are given a voice and a platform to totally mislead the people of Scotland.

    The British nationalist corporation constantly fuels project fear against the people of Scotland, it’s incredibly sinister, and undemocratic to say the least.

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  3. Dr Donald Macaskill , the CEO of Scottish Care ( ”The Voice of the Independent care Sector ”) has made so many appearances on BBC Shortbread that I thought he had been appointed their new Health Correspondent .
    His appearances are presented in such a way as to suggest to the viewer that he speaks for the WHOLE Scottish care sector when in fact he represents the Private sector .
    His contributions have invariably been slanted to suggest that HE and his organisation have NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything that goes wrong in a Care Home – that is the Scottish Government’s doing !

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  4. There is a real crisis in BBC Scotland, with a serious lack of journalists, facts and analysis.
    Hon Sarah “Princess syndrome”!
    Loyalists can get it really, really badly, and “Long Princess Syndrome” can lead to symptoms of:–
    –Thinking licence fee moneys come from a Those Islands slush fund.
    –Hearing flutes and drums in your sleep.
    –Losing your sense of fairness.
    –Becoming obsessed by the Boris cult.
    –Scotophic Scotophobia.

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  5. Brexit is contributing to the staff shortages, In all sectors. The private homes are funded by public monies. Council funded places for the eldest who need care.
    There are regulation standards to which all facilities have to abide. In every sector.

    Many people do not want to wipe other people’s backsides. The work can be physically taxing. A higher turnover of low paid staff. It means other staff can have to work longer hours to cover. Then they leave because they want to work lower regular hours. If the pay was improved people might stay longer but many lower paid staff leave if there are others jobs available. With low unemployment,. It makes it difficult to retain staff. The residents have to pay for care until they are left with £16,000. Except nursing care that is on the NHS.

    Many old people’s homes are happy caring places. The residents are well catered for and well looked after by dedicated staff. The work itself can be taxing and demanding, The management is required to be high grade nursing staff with qualifications. In fact all staff are encouraged to obtain QA qualification.

    The work itself can be taxing and difficult. Many people want work with less responsibility. Some older people can be quite cranky and demanding. Many have had very interesting lives and are quite gregarious. Often up for a laugh. After long and reasonable happy lives. All carers know it can be quite difficult and all time consuming. Constant.

    The Scottish Gov has extended social care so elderly people can stay in their own homes longer. Where they want to be. Elderly home care £100+ a week. Residential home care up to £1000 a week, Hospital care up to £1000 a day. The Scottish Gov has extended carers allowance. Made claiming simpler and easier. Less forms to fill in. This helps the elderly. Encouraging the elderly to apply and take up payments.

    The old age pension should be increased (Westminster). The administration (benefit) is nearly as much of the payment. Increasing the payment would cut costs, Pay for itself and give pensioners a better standard of living with respect. The lowest pension payment in Europe. A damn disgrace.

    Allowances and benefits for those with additional needs, disability and foster care. A kinship payment. To allow children to stay within their own family. Instead of being in care. They have extended the elderly bus pass scheme. Mitigated the bedroom tax, Mitigated Welfare cuts, £100million a year. A £10 a week child payment for lower income households. Drug/alcohol rehabilitation funded £250million (5years).

    The Westminster Gov cut disability and motability schemes. They cut Welfare £16Billion from 2015 to 2020 (ConDems). They now intended to cut the universal credit uptake £20 a week. £1000 a year from the poorer families. With prices and inflation going up. Prices for food and fuel going up. The basic essential which everyone needs. It will make people ill and cost the NHS more.


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