Incredible achievement of Scotland’s hospitals

Though 44 502 Covid-19 cases were admitted to Scotland’s hospitals in the week ending 5th September 2021, 99.4% of those infections were picked up in the community and only 0.1% (31) were picked up in a hospital.

This is an astounding achievement and testimony to the incredible level of hygiene maintained in our hospitals.

Remember Scotland has 279 hospitals and around 20 000 patients in them in a typical week.

Is this, however, no different from hospitals elsewhere in the UK?

NHS England is careful not to publish the data on hospital-onset infections weekly. In January 2021, the Daily Mail accused them of fiddling the data:

In October 2020, the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at Oxford put the rate at between 18% and 23%.

The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

I contacted the researchers recently and asked for a more recent update. They said they would be updating but have not published anything newer.

BBC Scotland have not covered the story.

2 thoughts on “Incredible achievement of Scotland’s hospitals

  1. Yes indeed, Scotland’s NHS has made huge strides in infection control all over the country, and they continue to drive improvements across the board from cleaners to surgeons.

    I mused on occasion that this level of excellence was why the BBC Scotland’s campaign to unseat Jeanne Freeman were so determined to find or create an infection vector at QEUH, “contaminated water”, incontinent pigeons, hand sanitisers at the wrong locations, etc., it was relentless.

    That the “contaminated water” story grew arms and legs and is now testing the patience of the Inquiry, is reported in the greatest detail by PQ.
    It remains to be seen whether the BBC’s reporting will quite so detailed when expert testimony and historical testing records/site logs are given the Inquiry.
    I suspect something will happen that day to grab the headlines…

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  2. Perhaps the BBC ( Shortbread variety ) could produce a graph to show the instances of Covid infections acquired in hospitals compared to those acquired in Private ( for profit ) Care Homes ?
    I expect that the editor of Reporting BadScotland is even now arranging for this to be done !

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