‘Only’ the majority in parliament and the people support vaccine passports

In a ridiculous assertion, Reporting Scotland’s Andrew Kerr suggests that the SNP Government is somehow in a minority with, ‘of course’ as he put it, the Scottish Greens.

So, is he saying that the Scottish Tories, Labour and Lib Dems along with the nightclub owners constitute some majority of opinion?

Remember most of their MSPs were rejected by constituencies and sneaked in on the list.

Remember the SNP and Greens have an overall majority in Holyrood.

Remember, all the opinion polls show popular support for vaccine passports.

Only? Only misrepresenting the facts.

15 thoughts on “‘Only’ the majority in parliament and the people support vaccine passports

  1. Alas, Andra’ Kerr’s mooth is bigger than his brain, so he will think all those whining gits who appear on RS night after night represent some kind of constituency.
    Perhaps like Lord SuperCrony Offord he “purchased” his seat at Specific Queeez?
    Cannot think of any journalistic reason he would be there.

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  2. This is, indeed, wilful, misrepresentation and it is a trope which has been used on a number of occasions since the agreement between the Greens and the SNP. In the Parliament a combination of the votes of two parties – SNP and Greens – constitute a clear majority of the seats. There are three opposition parties, whose combined numbers are a clear minority. What the BBC and the unionist parties are trying to imply is that THREE parties is more than TWO, ergo, they are the majority.

    At Westminster, the Conservatives have a much greater number of seats than all the other parties combined. They have a (very) conditional support (sometimes) from the DUP. So, that makes TWO parties. In opposition there are Labour, SNP, SF, LibDems, PC, Greens, SDLP, Alliance – EIGHT parties.

    So, why is the BBC not applying its strange principle of ‘majority’ in these circumstances? The current Westminster Government is contemptuous in its disregard of opposition (even within its own party) views.

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  3. Now we know even by Andrews standards he is talking bollocks, indeed most of Scotland know that..

    But his audience was main network BBC Politics programme hosted by Jo Coburn, who was doing her round up of political news from around the colonies.

    So Jo, like most of the English viewers now believe that this Passport is somehow being foisted on an unwilling Scotland by the dastardly Nicola Surgeon.

    Oh how much was made of the Passport App having “Technical Problems”, as it that update rolled round the bottom of the “breaking news tickertape”. Or for those with common sense “it won’t handle everyone trying to download it at the same time from an App Store!”

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  4. The bottom line here is the BBC along with a hostile MSmedia and Opposition parties are against anything they feel will work in reducing the infection rate and pressures on the NHS which in turn will limit their scope to criticise the Scot Gov. They are not interested in the potential benefits that will undoubtedly come from the Passports but simply worried that the Scot Gov will be seen by the majority of being pro-active and the further ineptitude of this hopeless UK Gov. As we have seen all along with this pandemic the media have done their damnedest to protect the Tories.

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    1. I agree, Gerry R, but for all this lengthy period of ‘BBC propaganda’ since 2014 the majority of Scots still do not seem to fall for it.
      I believe when our campaign does start, we will have loads of examples (particularly from this site!!) that we will be able to publicise and they will not like that, at all!! I believe they are in the last desperate throes of SNPBadd – keep calm, we will win!

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  5. The BBC should get on to the Electoral Commission and get them to sort the last Holyrood election results .
    Clearly the Arithmetic used by Returning Officers was faulty when they gave the SNP and Greens more seats than the Good Guys !

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  6. I’d posted elsewhere on the subject John, https://youtu.be/rTWtWIVZ3GE but essentially :
    With the vote FOR the Vaccine “passport”, the Tory campaign regarding the end of the world as we know it, ceased.
    This rather left HMS Sarah Smith in a bind having parroted the Forres Gump line, so they switched tack to the “public have no faith in it..” approach.
    As per your post of 29th on the Leon Thomson interview “One of the critical factors that has not really been talked about is just how ready the public is for the introduction of these passports. I would say they are not ready at all”. Hardly surprising given it had not yet been launched, but the direction of travel was obvious with PQ were promoting the same spiel in their “Covid in Scotland: Public ‘not ready’ for vaccine passport scheme “article on their website.

    Suffice to say the public’s disinterest was such that it overloaded the server leaving BBC Scotland clutching at straws for an escape, and Douglas Ross clutching his blue blanket in the byre and multiple cows figuring out how to land him with one deft flick…

    Enter the “forever Earnest” Andrew Kerr to attempt a BBC face-saver, tree-huggers, it’s their fault, probably canadian, pfft…
    I fully expect an “in my opinion” video piece from Glenn (Lieman for the Country) Campbell to follow on MisReporting Scotland, desperate stuff…
    They refuse to get it, the public are for this initiative,

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    1. Aye, if only Nicola Sturgeon had got on with the day job of server load balancing at on data centre somewhere, but there we are.. 🙂

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      1. Aye, but I’m fairly sure the techies thought they’d covered for worst case scenarios when they went live then saw the numbers climb and that ‘Ofuck’ moment occurred, “We’re going to need a bigger boat…” .
        I’ve had many friends express frustration over completing the system requirements yet not one of them thinks it’s a daft idea or in any way a failure with 2 weeks to go.
        Shit happens, unfortunately England tends to elect it…

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  7. Not content with amplifying negatives about Scotland’s vaccine passport on the BBC 1 6pm News and Reporting Scotland, it seems BBC Scotland has a 7pm programme with an ‘investigative journalist’ trawling for student opinions too.

    The trailer for the programme has a young women bemoaning the fact it is her birthday this weekend and the issue of the app is impacting her celebration plans.

    Won’t be watching the programme but do wonder if the BBC will tell her and others about: (a) the availability of a paper record of vaccination status with a QR code; (b) a digital, PDF download with a QR code; or (c) that the Scottish Health Secretary and others have made clear that Passport rules will NOT be enforced until mid-October.

    Might informing this individual and other viewers over a public health matter be part of a public service broadcaster’s role? I suspect it wouldn’t cross the mind of a BBC Scotland producer or editor.

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    1. Jings, that’s awfy sad if the young woman cannot celebrate her birthday as planned.

      I do believe that Prince Andrew is free though for fun and frolics without an app. Well he’s free for the moment..


  8. My husband downloaded the app and set it up last night. He did try when it was first released on Thursday but so did 10s of thousands of other folk so he was not surprised he had difficulty downloading it and registering his details.

    My worry now – does he expect us to go clubbing?

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  9. Businesses that take part and help with the vaccine passport scheme will increase business. Responsible business practice. Those who do not, will not.


  10. Millions of people missed birthday celebrations keeping people alive. There are plenty more to celebrate. Unless people are dead,


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