Are BBC Scotland, Herald AND Scotsman health correspondents all off sick due to stress?

By Jaunty Jock:

Our contacts in BBC Scotland HQ at Passive Queue in Glasgow, the Herald and Scotsman offices tell us that three health correspondents have had to take sick leave, due to stress caused by the SNP Government’s massive reduction in Scotland’s infection rate (above).

It is feared, across Scotland’s MSM, that Scotland will have the lowest infection rate in the UK in the next day or two, having falling below a surging Wales and having caught the stalled Northern Ireland.

All eyes are on England as they too surge again and Scotland drops like a stone toward their position.

Editor: TuS takes no responsibility for any disappointment if the above trends change.

6 thoughts on “Are BBC Scotland, Herald AND Scotsman health correspondents all off sick due to stress?

  1. Union Media supporters ( I won’t call them ”Yoons” as Ofcom has designated this a term of abuse !!!) have long suffered from outbreaks of sickness which took the form of selective amnesia when reporting Scottish stories .
    Baaaaad SNP stories were regularly reported ( even when the ”Baaaaad” had to be manufactured , while positive stories on the SNP did not exist , it seemed !

    Thankfully for these poor afflicted souls there is a cure available – but it requires a dose of the panacea Reality which too many of them are unable to swallow .

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  2. No, no. Sir Dire Starmer asserts Scotland is FAILING at Health.
    It has FAILED to record the massive health scandals seen at NHS England under Labour, then Tory regimes.

    Sir Dire, as a lawyer, knows he should report all EVIDENCE (context and perspective), but as a politician, Sir Dire just wants to use SMEARS.
    Because, SMEARS work.
    In Scotland SMEARS are all that our colonial media use–but only against one political party (and its Health Ministers).

    That’ll be why all the Brit Nit “Health” correspondents are off sick–
    Smear-o-phobia Syndrome.

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    1. I think you’ll find it’s the inverse, non-smearo-phobia, their editors would have their guts for garters..
      I mean when was the last positive or at least balanced media story on Scottish affairs in Scotland’s media, and HMS Sarah Smith in particular ?

      Recalling John having featured such a rarity by one Frankie Allan, I scrolled back looking for it, all the way to the 8th of August, and I believe the only known example to have made it across the BBC editorial desk this century

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      1. Her Serenity, the Hon Sarah Loyalist, is now moonlighting at a London radio station–Radio 4’s “Good Morning Vietn…………………………..?

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