Will Scotland give more blood for this odd Labour leader whining nasally from the distant shores of England?

On Brighton’s seafront, has the Labour Party ever been so remote, geographically and ideologically, from Scotland?

Who advised him to use this analogy? Will this Brown-inspired blood and soil notion help fuel a Labour revival in Scotland? See this from 29th August 2021:

He’s not looking that popular ‘up here.’

In April 2017, Corbyn was ever so slightly more popular at 24 to 57: https://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/ny1kfo8x0u/InternalResults_170420_Favourability_W.pdf

In Holyrood polls after Starmer’s appointment in April 2020 and Sarwar’s in February 2021, Scottish Labour still stuck in 3rd behind the weak Conservative leaders Carlaw and Ross.


To return to the question, that’ll be a NO.

14 thoughts on “Will Scotland give more blood for this odd Labour leader whining nasally from the distant shores of England?

  1. His comments during his speech today
    On The Union was nothing other than another coffin nail to bang into the coffin lid of Labours branch office in Scotland
    Will someone alert the Undertaker and polish up the Hearse

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  2. Starmer proved how out of touch he was on Scottish issues by his over-the-top praise of Anus Sarwar during his speech at Brighton .
    The response from the coterie of sycophants around Sarwar , standing and applauding him , clearly showed how orchestrated this was .

    Standing applauding the ”Scottish Labour” leader who took the party to its worst ever position in a Holyrood election ? Has the news not reached Brighton – or , more likely , they don’t have a clue what is going on up here and believe every lie that Sarwar and his cromies tell them .
    Just like the Tory press , who had Davidson ”winning ” the Holyrood election by coming in a distant second !

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  3. Brown/Starmer are obviously correct . My precious bodily fluids must never go to an English person and none of their fluids must be transferred to me even if that English person is my English wife. The evil of Scottish nationalism forces me into this position.

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  4. They’re playing to an English Labour audience who are largely clueless on all matter regarding Scotland.
    Sarwar did himself no favours participating in this nonsense, he needed all the support he had and threw it away…

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  5. This reference came in what would have been a very carefully considered and crafted speech, one which would have had advice from advisors in Scotland (Brown & Sarwar?) – from people that live amongst us and should know of us.

    Its implications constitute a profound and unforgivable insult. In 2014 Darling’s ‘blood and soil’ nationalism jibe was very, very bad but this, in this place, now …..!

    It is an insult to all those in Scotland that – regardless of place of birth here or anywhere else in the world – (simply) support and might cue considering supporting Scotland’s self-determination, something ‘normal’ to aspire to.

    Its crassness – given the context – is candidly, hard to believe! Starmer, Brown, Sarwar and their ilk need to be called out, condemned for this insult time and time and time again!

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  6. The new Superhero Blockbuster—

    King Keir V Corbynzilla for the Heart of a Nation..

    Starring Broonie as Don Quixote, with Starwars recruited as Sancho Panza.
    With a script by Union Jock Murray and Jackanory Ballie.
    Filmed in Huckstervision by Hootsmon Production.


    Its all the fault of the SNP, for “exploiting” the Union.

    Scene one….ACTION…..
    “They will be defeated by not allowing them to give blood to the English and…., um, er, argh…..”.

    “Where’s the fecking script–who wrote this feckin’ drivel”????

    Starmer is in the same fantasy land as the last 7 “Scottish” Labour leaders. Denial, denial, denial—and no, its not in Egypt!

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  7. Lisa Nandy on Newsnight at 2240 hours asked (in terms) about the present state of UK:

    ‘The problem is not Brexit” – “We don’t want to renegotiate (Brexit)” – “No appetite to renegotiate freedom of movement” – “I like the idea of global Britain”.

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    1. stewartb
      Here are the blunt facts re Global Britain
      1.Uk has worst trade deficit in the whole of the world
      2.Exports are collapsing
      3.Solution trade deals
      Well lets see how that is going
      According to Liam Fox prior Brexit deal
      Trade deals will be the easiest to do as everybody wants to trade with us
      That is the fantasy
      So here is the reality
      China India and USA represent over 60 % of all trade
      So let us investigate how such went
      1.China ( in less than 5 yrs will be the worlds largest economy)
      Response to request for a trade deal
      ” We are not interested., globally you are a irrelevance, We shall deal with the EU
      a far more beneficial market for China and The EU
      2.India until you apologise for the hundreds of millions of Indians who starved to death in famines under British
      Colonial rule, we cannot possibly talk to you
      You are at the back of the queue until we are absolutely certain that the Good Friday agreement is 100 % secure
      And this point i shall rest my case as to what Global Britain really means
      Will the Jury please retire to reach a verdict
      Oh dear hold that.I have just been informed that The ABC ( BBC ) have 8 members in the Jury

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    2. Starmer’s speech was the relaunch of new Labour. It is what Mandelson has been pushing for. Essentially, the ‘focus groups’ suggest that there are more ‘soft Tory’ votes possible for Labour than ones from positions more to the left. Ergo, Labour must move to the right and, as new Labour did, accept that Thatcher’s hegemony was unassailable, and become ‘Blue’ Labour, i.e. Tories but with a smiley face and wrapped in the union jack. Wigan, which Nandy represents, was strongly pro-Brexit and she retained her seat against the trend to the Tories in the north of England, by moving sharply towards the right.

      Starmer’s ‘blood’ jibe is grossly insulting to people in Scotland and Wales and was delivered in very plummy tones. Ireland, as is usual, never rated a mention. He was crass. Naturally, BBC Scotland gave the bit about Sarwar’s standing ovation prominence.

      Starmer is identifying with England/Britain.

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      1. Alasdair
        With ref.to your comment
        Stammer is identifying with England / Britain
        Then despite his education and knowledge
        Then indeed the man is a complete fool
        And knave
        I also note from his speech of deployment of that utterly useless word
        “HOPE “


  8. Labour the gift that keeps on giving for the SNP and Independence. Starmer is not a charmer. A great big turn off. Over and out. What an embarrassment.

    Not a great shout out for Labour. A damp squib. No fireworks. Nothing Labour does ever works. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Supporting Austerity and Brexit. They are a disgrace. Total hypocrites, especially in Scotland. The glaring ignorance and arrogant. Not another unelected Brown Commission. Nae chance. Gie’s peace.


  9. One thing we can be sure of – if there was a critical shortage of blood products the English would hoard it for themselves, exactly like they did with PPE supplies at the start of the pandemic where a central supplier in England was instructed by Public Health England to not supply products to care homes outside of England.

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  10. When I read the blood donor comment my first thought was that Welsh/Scots wouldn’t be so selfish as to deny anyone from any constituent part of the UK a blood transfusion. The implication being why, therefore, were we selfishly begrudging them all our resources so they could profit from them?

    My second was why a Welsh or Scottish woman aot person? Because of Indy-voter figures? Aimed at women to guilt them into supporting the Union? Because that line of attack often works better on women than men?


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