Were there legitimate reasons for questioning the setting up of a Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry?

Not for the first time, I report an area where I have no expertise and, this time, no strong hunch other than that this might be another insensitive use of tragedy, by our MSM, to bash the SNP Government.

When I read that this inquiry has been ‘delayed’ for 13 years by both Labour and SNP administrations, I wonder if that is because there was legitimate debate about the value of holding one.

BBC Scotland’s reporting is simple, it was wrong to do so.

I had a look around and found this quickly:

Inquiries fail abused children: Inquiries are mostly the establishment’s way of managing dissent and pretending something is being done. I did not rejoice when David Cameron announced there would be an inquiry into allegations that children in the north Wales homes scandal were abused not just by staff but also by politicians, police and businessmen; or when Theresa May appointed the chief of the National Crime Agency to investigate how north Wales police handled allegations of child abuse in the 70s and 80s. Those allegations have been known for decades. We don’t need another inquiry but a proper, long overdue police investigation.


The full Guardian article is worth reading. The BBC reporting is unthinking.

4 thoughts on “Were there legitimate reasons for questioning the setting up of a Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry?

  1. ‘So, how much does Britain care for its children? If we get another inquiry stuffed with do-gooders with no real powers, we will know. We don’t need more hand-wringing and a report published years later; we need to kick down a few doors and rescue some children.’ Eileen Fairweather

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  2. Co habiting women (the majority) do not have equal rights with other women or men. They have to put in a claim (1/3) within a year. It can cost £thousands in legal fees. There is little aid. It has to be paid back in any case. Many women cannot afford it.

    Women and children can lose their house their home. They have to stay in abusive, unsafe situations to keep a roof over their heads. In England the Law has been changed so they can get legal aid. The Law should be changed to give women equal rights with other women and men.

    Abused women are being charged under the Domestic Abuse Act. It cannot be dropped or appealed. Unless women have friends or relations in high places. Not equal or fair.

    An abuse Inquiry was led by a counsel from New Zealand. They had to resign. It went on for years. Another Abuse Inquiry was held after a habitual liar made false wide spread allegation. They were eventually jailed.

    Saville was never apprehended because any allegation were hushed up by the BBC and the Westminster Gov. Thatcher covered up child abuse by the Tory Party. After being told about abuse allegations at the Tory Party Conference. Thatcher said, ‘Boys will be boys’. The IRA bombed the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Cyril Smith got away with it. Allegations were covered up by Baron David Steel of Aikwood. Ex Liberal leader.

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