BBC Scotland’s hospitality bosses ‘not ready’ to admit they know ‘little’

Ignoring all the epidemiologists and psychologists, BBC Scotland rely on the expertise of ‘senior political communications specialist’, UK Hospitality guy and Neil Oliver lookalike, Leon Thompson:

He told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme: “One of the critical factors that has not really been talked about is just how ready the public is for the introduction of these passports. I would say they are not ready at all.

But, but senior political communications specialist, in February 2021, 7 months ago:

The Serco Institute’s discussion paper, Public Opinion & Vaccine Passports, outlines findings that show the public back vaccine passports being used in a wide range of settings. It showed a majority of people want to see their introduction in all of the settings we asked about – from international travel to non-essential retail. Arguably more significant than the levels of support is the remarkably low levels of opposition to the implementation of vaccine passports, with consistently low-numbers of people showing little opposition for their introduction.

Maybe they’ve forgotten how to be ready?

Well, on 20th September 2021:

More than half ‘in favour of vaccine passports’ in Wales, poll shows.

They’re Welsh so they’re not relevant in Scotland?

OK, here’s a UK one from August 2021, with 60% support for the vaccine passports:

Aye, aye, what about the ‘regional’ breakdown?

Ooh, you’re right, only 55% of Scots for the passports.

Wait, wait, again, far more don’t knows among the Scots (13% to 9%) – it’s 55 to 32, a clear lead – clever folk, canny?

3 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s hospitality bosses ‘not ready’ to admit they know ‘little’

  1. Is there no limit to the erudition of those in the hospitality business, not only are they expert virologists and epidemiologists, but now they are displaying their ability in social psychology?

    And I just thought they were interested in maximising profits, through the sale of intoxicating and potentially addictive beverages.

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  2. The public are ready not to get or spread covid. Or burden the SNHS.

    Cases soared when nightclubs and football were opened, There should have been restrictions before they were opened. The hospitality prices have increased making up earlier loses. Restaurant and bars fully booked with restrictions in place. Hotels and self catering etc are charging a fortune. Tourist business busier.

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  3. Yet this morning, BBC Scotland are still promoting this bunkum story on the Politics page, whilst simultaneously featuring their “Covid in Scotland: Latest ICU patients ‘largely unvaccinated and young'” on the main Scotland page…
    Wo said the BBC don’t do irony….

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