LATEST: Homeless rate in Scotland about half that of England

I have a Google alert for reports on Scotland. Today the above story in the Denbigh Free Press and the Evening Standard were in 2nd and 3rd place. BBC Scotland seems strangely disinterested. The Herald does have a wee piece on it but don’t seem to see it as headline worthy.

The Denbigh Free Press report:

The proportion of people suffering from the worst forms of homelessness in Scotland is about half as high as in England, campaigners have claimed.

Almost one in 100 households in England (0.94%) were experiencing what the charity Crisis called “forms of core homelessness” – such as sleeping on the streets, sofa surfing, or staying in either unsuitable temporary accommodation like B&Bs or living in garages or industrial premises

That rate compares to 0.66% of households in Wales and 0.57% in Scotland, Crisis said.

The charity put this down in part to Scottish ministers having the “right political will” to tackle the problem.

And the Crisis chief executive, Jon Sparkes, said if plans north of the border to strengthen the law in terms of preventing homelessness were implemented, then Scotland could become a “world leader”.

His comments came after research for Crisis found that since 2012 England has had consistently higher rates of “core homelessness” than both Scotland and Wales – with rates growing faster in England over that time.

Scotland, meanwhile, became the first part of the UK to publish a plan to end homelessness, with the Scottish Government and local authority organisation Cosla joining forces on this.

Isn’t this brilliant news? Shout it from the rooftops etc?

BBC Scotland’s preferred approach in 2020:

Homelessness faced by 30,000 Scottish households

No context of course and the kind of partisan quote they prefer:

Shelter Scotland has called on the Scottish government to uphold its promises to homeless people.

Assistant director Gordon MacRae said: “These figures show that Scotland’s homelessness system was failing people even before the pandemic hit.

“We had rising homelessness and record numbers of people in temporary accommodation before the lockdown. Local authorities were already struggling to cope with the level of housing need.

Did Shelter know anything then that Crisis seem to know now? Is that 30 000, core?

11 thoughts on “LATEST: Homeless rate in Scotland about half that of England

  1. Change the story, quote partisan sources, no context, unsupported statements, etc. It’s what they always do. I’m sure it is intended more for their superiors in London and to be shown in support of the beloved Britain or UK as they seem to be emphasising more and more.

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  2. The subject of BBC Scotland’s Disclosure the other night was housing..

    “Scotland has a housing problem, with many young and less affluent people priced out of whole parts of the country. Families seeking a place to live have found their search thwarted by a lack of social housing, holiday lets and rising prices. Reporter Chris Clements investigates what’s been called a housing emergency and asks what can be done to solve the problem.”

    I take it, doing what the Scottish Government are currently doing is not an option?

    ” Thousands ofnew homes planned across Glasgow: Here’s where.”

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  3. When we get our independence, that will free up at least 50 properties……. dann saff.
    Though we will need a gaff for our Ambassador and staff, but I would expect the Peers, Dames and other lame, shameless hingers-on, to stay where they are.


  4. Yet another story of a “leaked SNP e-mail”, in the English press (daily record).

    Sounds to me that the Mirror Group may be back to their old tricks of phone hacking.

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  5. “Scotland .. became the first part of the UK to publish a plan to end homelessness, with the Scottish Government and local authority organisation Cosla joining forces on this.”

    But before we get carried away (!) with this and any other achievement of this Scottish Government, we need to remember this, reported by the Daily Record on 17 August 2021: ‘SNP ‘not a progressive party’ and Labour won’t strike deal with Nationalists in future, claims Anneliese Dodds’ (chair of UK Labour Party) – a theme repeated by Anas Sarwar in his party conference speech this week. Well its good to have certainty!

    However, others not steeped in Labour’s partisan Unionism/British Nationalism/British Patriotism don’t seem to agree of the Scottish Government’s credentials..

    From the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website (28 June 2019): ‘The Scottish Government’s decisive and compassionate move to bring in the new Scottish Child Payment is the lifeline children and their families need, and is a beacon of progressive policy for the rest of the UK.’ And: ‘This rightly has been lauded as a landmark moment and the most progressive policy brought in since devolution 20 years ago.’

    With the Labour leadership turning its back on any alliance with the SNP in future – and in disparaging, dismissive terms – one can’t help wonder how these leadership figures voted on the Labour Party conference motion on proportional representation for Westminster elections. Maybe they abstained! They certainly don’t seem to have put any weight behind the progressive policy proposal.

    Labour List on 17 February, 2021 has this headline: ‘One in four local parties demand Labour backs proportional representation’

    The article states that Keir Starmer vowed during his leadership campaign to consult party members on electoral reform and to include it in a constitutional convention, arguing that the party must address the fact that many people “feel their voice doesn’t count”.

    But on 28 September Politics UK reported: ‘A landmark Labour conference motion proposing that the party support proportional representation for future elections was defeated on Monday.’

    ‘A card vote found that just under 80% of constituency party votes backed the motion. However the votes from affiliates – mostly representing trade unions – were 95% opposed, and the final result was almost 58% against.’

    A spokesperson for Labour for a New Democracy said: “We have won the argument with the Labour membership – both the debate and the result showed almost no support for the broken status quo.”

    And added: “The truth is, if the Leadership had engaged with this unifying policy as intensively as they pushed their own proposed rule changes, PR would now be Labour policy.”

    I note also from media coverage (e.g. The Telegraph 27 September) of the Labour conference speech of Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chancellor that ‘Freedom of movement is no longer the policy of the Labour Party’.

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  6. OT – OMG haven’t laughed so much at HMS Sarah Smut propaganda for a long time, but “Covid in Scotland: Public ‘not ready’ for vaccine passport scheme” triggered my funny bone and every intermediary to the brain with the usual “offended”, Hemel Hempstead in the open comments section, obvious really.
    I mean, FFS how desperate is the dishonourable Scharah to buddy up with the London twits and their iterati agin something logical ?
    The source of this outrage, “a trade body”, just when you thought Burke and Hare were history eh?
    Rather than further expose the thoroughly bleached Montgomery, they turn to Leon Thompson for backup and totally unexpectedly get full backing for the Forres Gump and his soon to be objections in Holyrood, insufficient toilet roll, even the cows don’t take him seriously and outnumber his voter base , oh, and vaccine passports.
    The public are ready, industry are reluctant, and with their biggest draw in years, Mickey Gove and his “Bolivian Accelerators” stopped touring, they must be panicking…


  7. The Scottish Gov have committed to building affordable social housing. 6,000 a year. Council houses are not being sold off but renovated. In five years that will solve any housing shortage. 17,000 private houses are built. 50,000 people die a year. Houses are sold. The Scottish Gov has mitigated Westminster cuts to social services and welfare. The Scottish Gov has managed Scottish affairs much better.

    Brexit means people have left Scotland, unfortunately. The only time the population rose since the 1900’s was after Devolution 2000. It increased to 5.4million from 5million. Westminster policies depopulated Scotland. The Clearance, higher unemployment, £10 passage. People had to leave to get a job. Migration. Scottish revenues and resources illegally and secretly taken to fund London S/E by Westminster gov. The North/South

    Scotland has an averaging ageing population. Like most countries in Europe. Scotland needs people to keep the economy thriving. The Brexit mess is still unfolding. Scotland needs Independence to manage it’s affairs and economy even better.


  8. It has been reported there are enough houses in Scotland. Some are lying empty and need renovating. Or are in the wrong place or area where there is less demand. The Scottish Gov is doing all it can to provide affordable, secure rented houses and right to buy schemes to help first time buyers etc.


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