If NHS Scotland really was broken they’d have one of these by now

Patients left waiting outside Addenbrooke’s Hospital because there was no space inside the A&E unit

Yesterday, we had Dani Garavelli in SoS telling us, on the basis of 5 individual ‘witnesses’, that NHS Scotland is broken. She was only the latest in a string of doomsayers desperate to prove there is a crisis and that the SNP Government is to blame for it.

If an image like that above was available from any Scottish hospital, it would be everywhere from BBC Scotland to the P&J but it’s not.

11 thoughts on “If NHS Scotland really was broken they’d have one of these by now

  1. If there were scenes like that from any Scottish hospital the English governments’ lackeys in the media would be demanding that Humza Yousaf and Nicola Sturgeon resign immediately. The Tories are dismantling the English NHS in front of peoples’ eyes. Covid is a gift to the English government, people have enough to deal with, so it’s easy to destroy the English NHS without protests. They have their sights on the Scottish NHS for sure, and the Scottish government will have a hard job keeping the disaster capitalist vultures at bay. Garavelli and her ilk are myth makers, bloody dangerous though.

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  2. What planet are they on.

    The NHS is funded £139Billion. To be increased £10Billion by taxing the poorer. Costing the NHS more. People will get ill.

    £149Billion. Nearly A 1/4 of all tax revenues raised in the UK. On average £600Billion++. Scotland raises £66Billion++.

    The NHS is hardy broken. It is massively supported and appreciated. Unlike some ignorant, arrogant appalling so called ‘journalists’. Reporting absolute propaganda and lies. Appalling sensationalised nonsense. With no sense of reality or any basis in facts. The NHS saves millions of lives and keeps people well.

    The non Dom tax evading Press owners getting away with criminal behaviour, Hacking phones, illegal surveillance, bribing public officials. It is illegal under International business Law to bribe a public official or ply for business anywhere in the world. Yet the Press warmongers just get away with it, with impunity. Controlled by the Westminster Press Office. The Leveson recommendations still not implemented.

    The Iraq war, Lockerbie, Dunblane kept secret illegally for 100 years.

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  3. Ferret had a headline saying Jackie Baillie’s claim accusing the SNP that 1200 beds have been lost is mostly true. However a dangerous headline as their final paragraph says
    “However, these statistics mostly predate the Covid-19 pandemic, when capacity and occupancy increased across NHS Scotland. The number of available beds had been consistently reducing before the pandemic as healthcare moved away from inpatient procedures and medical advances made hospital stays shorter. ” This reduction had been going on even before the SNP took power.

    Their story is true but they produce a headline that could easily be used by politicians (we know which ones) to falsely attack the SNP . I know this is their usual headline but usually the stories they check are straightforward right or wrong. In this case the story is wrong but in a subtle way and this is something that should be addressed in the headline, not just giving it a pass because it is “technically” correct.

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    1. The bed issue and the supposed shortage is a bit of a hoary old chestnut.

      I started work in the NHS in 1964. Then a patient having surgery would be brought into hospital at least 3 days before the planned op for blood tests etc then, all being well, have the op and remain in hospital post op for another 7 days at least. So in a 2 week period that 1 bed would be occupied by 1 patient.

      Fast forward to the present day and all the improvements over the intervening period in OP procedures – eg keyhole surgery – pain control, anasthesia, day surgery and general management of the patient’s journey, as it is called, and that 1 bed in a 2 week period may see 5 or 6 patients. Patients coming in for elective surgery have all their blood tests etc carried out as an out-patient. Thus cutting the time in a hospital bed. Even after major surgery eg a hysterectomy if it is done using keyhole surgery you can be home within 24 -36 hours post op.

      All of these changes have led to a reduction in the number of beds but they have not been pared back to the point where there is not sufficient slack in the system that it cannot cope with the patients who require longer stays. However, that bed availability is not designed to cope with the demands of a pandemic but, big but, no Covid patient has been denied a bed but that has often been at the cost of patients with non-Covid conditions having their treatment delayed. NHS Scotland has not been alone in facing this problem and on the whole has managed better than most.

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  4. For context, Addenbrooke Hospital is in Cambridge, the local MP one Anthony Browne was gushing in April 2020 ““Great news that the government has written off Addenbrooke’s Hospital £340million debt. They can now fully focus on fighting coronavirus and delivering first class healthcare.”.

    Your central observation however is spot on with Scotland’s media such as it is, Lisa Summers would be round with a camera crew like a rocket with Glenn Campbell rehearsing his best concerned look for his follow up “..In my opinion..” piece…

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  5. Increased social care means more elderly people can stay in there own home with support. Social care £100+ a week, residential home care up to £1000 a week, hospital care up to £1000 a day.

    There are nearly 1 million people in Scotland, in a year, in hospital. There are 3million attending outpatients appointments. A massive amount. Nearly 4/5 of the population.


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