Did the professor really say that or have Reporting Scotland had to be ‘creative’ again?

There’s no sign of Professor Gibson saying that. She does seem to have said the child was:

as safe in hospital as she would be outside.

and that allegedly, in the words of the BBC reporter (no actual words offered):

the best plan was to send her daughter to complete her treatment in Dumfries, where the family lived.

What we have here, as in all of the recent BBC Scotland reporting on the hospitals inquiry, is the regular use of speech marks, based on the words of parents, to manufacture headlines worthy only of the National Enquirer (like the Sun but worse)

Sturgeon ate my daughter’s hamster?


8 thoughts on “Did the professor really say that or have Reporting Scotland had to be ‘creative’ again?

  1. Having the child in a hospital close to home would be a good idea, if the continuing treatment did not require specialised treatment, such as might be available at QEUH. In Dumfries the family could visit much more easily rather than more than 1 hour each way. In addition, if allowed other family and friends could visit, too, which would be good for the morale of all involved.

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  2. I heard on ABC (BBC Scotland ) news today from a parent who said
    The Hospital should be sterile
    Obviviously added as most people would agree
    The context is so blatantly out of context
    1.The parent is far from competent to understand the word Sterile
    2. The only proper measure of sterile conditions is one of Infection Control
    Why. it is totally impossible to be 100%
    Sterile at all times
    Nature does not work that way
    In my youth much of my time was spent
    Conducting genetic research in highly specialist sterile rooms culturing bacteria,viruses and funges
    Strict protocols were always implemented to avoid cross contamination of any cultures
    One was where possible we only worked on strains that were instantly and easily
    Recognised, for obvious reasons it was important that unknowingly a strain that could not be easily identified become prevalent and establish itself via contamination, because if so the results genetically would be almost certainly unreliable
    Belive me the constant battle we had to maintain contamination at low levels were exhaustive and eventually end up
    In the facilties being temporarily closed
    For a through Deep Clean prior reopening
    Such involved considerable cleaning and sterile work and closure for a minium of 3 days
    It appears ABC ( BBC ) has a new moto
    ” We do Not do Detail “

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  3. A minor correction John, “There’s no sign of Professor Gibson saying that. She does seem to have said the child was: “as safe in hospital as she would be outside.” v ” She said the microbiologist said she was “as safe in hospital as she would be outside”.”

    Did Mrs Kirkpatrick deck the microbioligist at the time for suggesting her daughter be “treated on the street” or is that merely her retrospective re-interpretation ?

    It’s a contrived cause and implied effect piece, all the way to trotting out a Millie Main rerun and the Police Enquiry, more Nick Robinson than Lisa Summers.

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    1. ‘Brian Wilson to chair new commission for Scottish Labour’ – it’s an energy-related commission as I understand it and chaired by a long term advocate for the nuclear power industry.

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  4. I noted this morning that Pacific Quay’s latest version of this story sports not only a new photo of the daughter whilst a patient on the main page and in the article, but a recent one heading it, but quite obviously the entire Millie Main/police-investigation inclusion has been excised.

    I cannot recall whether the original had the current opening line “A cancer specialist told the mother of a patient at Glasgow’s super hospital that her daughter would be safer at another hospital, an inquiry has heard.”, but it’s obvious they’ve had to re-write the piece once their devious intent had been spotted.

    At least you know your exposees are having an impact and BBC Scotland is a big fan… 🤣

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