Scotland FIRST in World!

From STV yesterday:

Scotland has become the first country in the world to embed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusive-education across the school curriculum.

All school staff will be given a basic awareness e-learning course on LGBT inclusive education and a toolkit of LGBT-inclusive education teaching resources.

Subjects across age groups will now include LGBT identities, issues and history in a bid to promote equality and reduce bullying.

And a dedicated website will also be launched with resources for information to support young people.

Parents, teachers, young people and LGBT organisations helped to develop the website, e-learning course and teaching resources.

A report by charity Stonewall found nearly half of lesbian, gay, bi and trans pupils – including 64 per cent of trans pupils – are bullied at school for being LGBT.

The move has been welcomed by campaign groups.

The National, the Herald and UK Today News have welcomed this development.

BBC Scotland is busy with soldiers arriving in Scotland to drive non-emergency ambulances, horror reports of Covid death surges, hospital drains killing weans and a 200 year-old palm tree.

5 thoughts on “Scotland FIRST in World!

  1. Diversity and equal rights, respect and be kind to each other is already being taught in schools.

    Women who cohabit (the majority) do not have equal rights with other women and men. They have to put in a claim within a year. It can cost £thousands in legal fees. Many women do not have the money. Abused Women and children can have to stay in unsafe, abusive situations to keep a roof over their heads. Or lose their house, their home.

    There is little legal aid it has to be paid back in any case. The Law in England has been changed so women can get legal aid and not lose their homes. The value being considered when applying for legal aid. Or Women and children have to stay in unsafe situations. The Law should be changed to give women equal rights. It is 2021 not 1950.

    Abused women have been charged under the Domestic Abuse Act. It cannot be dropped or appealed. Unequal and unfair. Unless women have friends or family in high places. Sisters have been charged but it was dropped. Illegally.Change the Act. Or others will suffer even more. Legal action should be able to be dropped or appealed. That is only right.


  2. To be welcomed for sure, but bullying takes place for all sorts of reasons, learning disability and autism for example means that children can be very vulnerable and, schools, if they do not have anti bullying policy, do very little if anything about it, or at least that was the case in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

    There is the small matter of the UKEngGov scrapping the human rights act, and they will do it if they can get away with it. The equality act 2010, replaced the disability discrimation act, it works for everyone, mostly. Schools should be teaching kids about the Human Rights act, and they should never allow bullying of anyone no matter their real or perceived difference.

    My son used to say, they tell us ‘we are all the same (equal) but all different’. That was in primary school, for someone with autism, who was bullied, the message was a bit confusing, and my other son, bullied in high school by kids and even some teachers. School was not the bastion of equality, quite the opposite in fact, a horrible place.
    I really hope that it’s all improved massively by now.

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  3. Schools have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Since Devolution. There is much more support. Medical sciences have improved too. So there is more support, knowledge and inclusion. There has been far more advances in diversity. Still a lot more to go. To make inclusion and diversity even more equal and possible. Especially for those on the spectrum who need additional support. Or any deviant to the norm, many of exceptional talent. Scotland the ‘land of discovery and invention’. World class medical sciences.


  4. Most children are acceptance of diversity and the difference between others, with guidance. It is mostly the adults that are the problem.


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