Douglas Ross all wrong on drugs

In the Telegraph yesterday from Douglas Ross:

Sturgeon has given in to the drug dealers. The SNP’s de facto decriminalisation of drugs has surrendered Scotland to more misery and death. For seven years straight, drug deaths in Scotland have increased. Under the SNP, this shameful situation has spiralled out of control, leaving us with the highest death rate in all of Europe. This has

The facts:


Drug-related deaths have remained below the EU average since 2001

The proportion of prisoners sentenced for drugs has fallen from 40% to 15%

Rates of drug use have remained consistently below the EU average


8 thoughts on “Douglas Ross all wrong on drugs

  1. “Douglas Ross all wrong on drugs” and all wrong without being on them.

    The Telegraph have form on promoting the idiocies of Tory numbskulls.
    The difference between England v Scotland on drugs is not nearly so great as made out, but as with everything SG does it can only be negative from the perspecive of Forres Gump as well as the media.

    Somebody has to try a different approach, London isn’t going to.

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    1. Dear Mr Ross
      A report is way overdue as to how the
      War on Drugs is going
      Realise you warriors are in ful retreat
      And facing being completely over run
      However we urgently need to know if you a are survivor so we can plan for your
      Rehab which is so obviously reqd. Now
      It is a matter of urgency that we re group
      The band of stragglers left and send you back to the front, do not worry that we are in such disarray and have not one clue where such front actually is
      100 % casualties are certain but the fight must go on


  2. Councils (unionist) under social care have refused to fund proper total abstinence rehab facilities. Instead putting people on methadone for years. A total false economy costing more. There has been a decline in facilities and nowhere for Doctors to refer people. The unionists were responsible for an increase in deaths. They are just as culpable. Head social workers of drug policies refused to fund people getting better. Believing it to be a waste. It is not it saves people’s lives.

    The Scottish Gov has funded £250million (five years) to proper total abstinence rehab facilities. That will get people well. MUP has reduced consumption and deaths.

    Other ‘offences’ of mild misdemeanour should also be given a warning. Except for repeated offences. Instead of people being handcuffed and put in cells. Then it is dropped because there is no evidence and would be laughed out of Court. The public monies being wasted. Prison £40,000 a year. Drink/drugs have a relationship to crime. Drink’s in the wit’s oot. A decline into poverty.

    Most crimes are committed under the influence of drink/drugs. Proper rehabilitation services can get people well. For less monies. Spend £Millions to save £Billion. In healthcare, police, fire, social care, neglect. Crime is also a gender issues. More men commit (violent) crime than women. Women can shoplift to feed others or not pay some bills. Less women are in prison but some have suffered violence and abuse. The most (violent) crime is committed by (16) 18 to 25 year old men against each other.

    Half of the people in prison are on the spectrum. They can act differently when challenged. There is not enough diversity training in society. People did not get the proper help and support they needed. Or diagnosis. They have social interaction problems to the norm. Prison is not a good place for people with diversity needs with bright lights and loud noises. Many should not be there. They should be getting proper support in the community and proper diagnosis. That is being changed everybody has a right to proper diagnosis, including adults.

    There are 7500 people in prison in Scotland. Capacity for 8500 people. Population 5.4million. Many of them should not be there. There are alternatives that should be considered. Proper total abstinence rehab and counselling. There would be less people in prison. The Scottish Gov has put in the funding.

    The Press and politicians exaggerate crime for their own prospective and motives. For political gain or sensationalism. Giving warnings for ‘crime’. Only time will tell.
    Crime rates have fallen. Cybercrime and fraud in on the increase.


  3. The majority of males have a conviction when they are young but never go on to re-offend. An extremely high percentage for minor misdemeanour. Teenagers experience the most rapid mental growth in human development. They can often make unfortunate decisions. Except for human growth and development, between the age of 0-2 years.


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