Massive falls in ICU cases and death

Still feasting with Anas Sarwar, on the same child death, and presumably English, soldiers coming to our rescue, BBC Scotland clings (bottom left) onto Thursday’s big Covid death total of 50.

Today, they could have reported 18 deaths, the biggest fall in one day since January 2nd* and a steady fall in serious (ICU) cases over the last 7 days, from 100 to 72, a 28% fall!

*There were no deaths recorded on January 2nd.

One thought on “Massive falls in ICU cases and death

  1. Police have started investigating the thousands of unexplained deaths in NHS England, under Health Ministers form Labour and Tory governments.

    No, of course they haven’t. And if they had it would be in small print at the bottom of page 12. BBC Hootsmon would NOT report it at all.


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