LATEST: Crisis receding as admissions and staff absence reduce?

BBC Scotland always has our back when things are getting worse but seem to forget to remind us if they improve only two days later. Some of us would like to know so that we feel less guilty going into A&E.

Overall hospital admissions have been falling for five days after levelling off for the previous seven. ICU cases are down more than 20% in the last week.

Hospital admissions remain steadily at around half of the January peak.

At the same time staff absences have been falling for 2 weeks and are now 30% down on two days ago, 50% down on January 2021 and 200% down on April 2020.


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12 thoughts on “LATEST: Crisis receding as admissions and staff absence reduce?

  1. Just for background info – aka as ‘perspective’, a noun not in BBC Scotland’s dictionary of journalism: from the website of the Royal Logistics Corp Association on 14 September, 2021:


    ‘Between 10 – 31 August 2021, 48 service personnel from 7 Regiment RLC deployed across the country to help support the NHS which is currently experiencing EXTREME pressure on its urgent and emergency care system. (my emphasis – and this ‘the country’ is England!)

    ‘ALL nine Ambulance Trusts in England are reported as ‘REAP 4’ meaning that they are under extreme pressure to carry out essential tasks.

    ‘CAT C Drivers from the Regt were deployed across nine ambulance stations, helping to complete a total of 1,827 patient transfers in support of frontline and patient transport ambulance capability.

    ‘The soldiers involved supported the North East and East of England Ambulance Services. The East of England Ambulance Trust confirmed that the peak of the crisis was managed with the assistance of 23 soldiers from 7 Regt RLC, allowing the Trust to now be back working at a manageable level. The troops were spread across seven counties with tasks being overseen by a SNCO based at Kendrew Barracks. ….

    ‘Both trusts have confirmed that a second peak of tasks is expected in winter, with regards to both COVID-19 and other illnesses, and that support from the Regt WOULD BE WELCOMED thanks to the professional manner in which the soldiers carried out their duties.’

    (Thanks to a btl contributor to the excellent Wee Ginger Dug blog for the alert on this.)

    Searching for more about REAP 4 I came across the website ‘Ambulance Life’. On 2 January 2018 it had an article under the headline ‘REAP 4’ which started with this:

    ‘Members of the public are being REMINDED TO THINK before dialling 999 after North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) reached its highest level of operational alert due to extreme pressure.

    ‘NEAS is now operating at level four under the national Resource Escalation Action Plan (REAP), a framework designed to maintain an effective and safe operational and clinical response for patients.

    ‘This means that while the service attempts to operate a normal service, its response standards to potentially life-threatening calls has deteriorated.’

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  2. To continue with the theme of providing ‘perspective’ – or not.

    What follows is from the BBC News website’s NI section just two days ago. It adds ‘perspective’ on Covid restrictions for an NI readership, on an important and controversial public issue. It reminds us in Scotland that ‘perspective giving’ is a concept seemingly unknown to BBC Scotland’s editors and researchers! We should no longer need wonder why.


    From BBC NI’s Dublin Correspondent: ‘Fully-vaccinated people in the Republic of Ireland started getting their EU Covid-19 certificates in the middle of July, allowing them to travel across the European Union without PCR tests.

    ‘Those who could prove they had recovered from Covid-19 within the previous six months were also entitled to the certificates.

    ‘But very quickly it was decided that the document that most people stored on their smartphone would allow customers to avail of indoor dining and drinking.

    ‘Initially, many in the hospitality sector voiced their objections to having to police the arrangement, but given the potential loss of business after months of lockdown and closed pubs and restaurants, that OPPOSITION QUICKLY FADED AWAY. (my emphasis).

    ‘Now with summer over and winter around the corner it is JUST ACCEPTED that if you want to dine or drink indoors you must produce your EU Covid certificate.

    ‘To quote the American singer Bruce Hornsby: “It’s just the way it is”.’

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  3. The Torygraf is reporting that Tory MP’s are insisting on the BBC exposing the political affiliation of the academics and “experts” they have on the programs.
    That will go down like a lead balloon with BBC Hootsmon.
    Not to mention the “Scottish” Tory, Labour or Dumb people.

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      1. “Fog in channel, Continent cut off”, springs to mind.
        We are all insular to some extent, but Scotland suffers from a Unionist media, with a colonial mindset and a “superiority complex”–they regard Scots, non-Unionists and working people as a burden to their life–style.
        If only they would cut the umbilical cord and let us go.

        P.S. My “Dumbs” are Lib Dems—Perhaps not a good nickname.

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  4. I heard a good one,Brexiteers were always on about people coming here and taking our jobs so what has happened to all these jobs not filled by the Brexiteers are they not willing to get a job so we are now having to go back to Europe for workers.
    Answers from Brexiteers would be welcome.


    1. The clique which includes Raab, Truss, Kwarteng etc, wrote a book in which they asserted without evidence that the British worker was ‘the laziest in the world’. This book forms much of the current government’s baleful policy and is actively hostile to working people. The fact that there are shortages of lorry drivers, is, in their distorted view, proof that British workers are lazy scroungers. Ergo CUT benefits to give them ‘incentives’ to take up employment.

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  5. +++BREAKING NEWS++++

    Hootsmon and Herod in crisis!!!

    Human Rights Commission and Woodland Trust called in……
    United nations to sit through the night.

    Orange Order—“We is shocking”!
    Wee Brian Wislon—“It wisnae me”!
    Boris–“this is a shambles”,
    but Groveller-General Jack states “No, no, its a tunnel”. (Have his quotes be mixed up–Ed?).

    It is being reported on the wires, that this “crisis” is considered SO serious, that Micky O’Gove has been interrupted and driven at high speed to Peterburgh (near Fraserhead) from his all-night muzac, snort and dancing-for-dads-marathon fest.

    Biden says–“I am Irish, so feck-orf you Boris Brit Clowns”!



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