But not in emergencies so just a PR stunt?

1.8% of the total ambulance driving staff in Scotland, seen by only 2 of our 5 6000 followers and assisting a service which already has a 96% satisfaction rating, Army ambulance drivers seem to have a greater presence in BBC reports than they do on the streets.

Two visits for jags to big local authority centres and a trip today for a PCR test to an airport facility of some size – not a sign of the Army. I know, a small sample, like most BBC Scotland ones.

And, isn’t that a supply lorry, not an ambulance?

If waiting times for emergency ambulance arrivals are too long, what good are more non-emergency drivers? If we have more drivers capable of emergency driving, surely they could have been transferred from non-emergency driving roles without calling in the Army?

This is a stunt. Wait for the first discharged Army driver to spill the beans in the next few months.

One thought on “But not in emergencies so just a PR stunt?

  1. Watch for these ‘life-saving ‘ army drivers being redeployed in a matter of days to reduce panic at the pumps !
    Their deployment depends on which Brexit fiasco has the biggest headlines – watch for them delivering Santa’s toys soon !

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