Use inverted commas and say what you like?

My first complaint for some time above.

Their response:

The headline to this article reads “Covid in Scotland: Demand for GPs ‘double’ pre-pandemic levels”, with ‘double’ presented in quote marks as you acknowledge – the use of quote marks in headlines widely established as conveying someone’s viewpoint or comment etc.

The lead paragraph and article body adds the further detail and context that this is a report of the experience and views of Dr Sandesh Gulhane, a Scottish Conservative MSP and GP, as told to BBC One Scotland’s The Sunday Show – clearly attributing Dr Gulhane’s views and comments to him – and provides further context, including detailing the warning on hospital admission levels from Scotland’s chief medical officer and the Scottish government’s desire to increase the number of GPs in Scotland as part of its NHS Recovery Plan.

We, therefore, don’t agree with your suggestion that this article isn’t in keeping with our editorial guidelines.

So, as long as you use quote marks you can say what you like? Whether it is true or not?

Reporting Scotland staff ‘have very low IQs’

The BBC editorial guidelines make clear that verification of claims, especially when they are made by someone with an agenda, like Gulhane, is required.

In the email, they thank me twice and offer kind regards. I didn’t realise emails could smell that bad.

Follow-up complaint:

I worry for the mental health of the complaints staff and the RepScot editor. One of these days, like a Gulf War vet, it’ll blow.

9 thoughts on “Use inverted commas and say what you like?

  1. Any company with an internal complaints system is never to going to tell the truth, simple really. The BBC are a powerful organisation, I wonder what the founders would think of it now being as it’s a massive propaganda tool the far right wing EngGov in England use against the people.


  2. Artyhetty
    Correction required
    ABC ( BBC )
    Yes they by all means appear to be a powerful organisation
    But in fact they are in Scotland nothing more than a paper tiger who will run away when we shout (Indy)
    And refuse to pay any licence fee
    By doing so we ensure fit and proper governance of their nefarious activities
    From Pacific Quay


    1. With all due respect the licence fee has always been a red herring, HMG will continue to throw billions at the media to keep their con show on the road because the money is not their own..
      Even if every single Scot cancelled their TV licence tomorrow, HMS Sarah Smutt would suffer not the slightest hiccup, indeed the authorities would be reporting record numbers of TV licence payers, that is what we are up against.

      Their Achilles heel is the Off switch or being distrusted, and they are well down the road on the latter…

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