‘Context is important’ – Thick as mince, or thieves?

Context is important


The above report has a little but it’s well chosen to make the audience think things are bad, very bad:

It is the largest rise in deaths announced in one day since 23 February.


Is it the largest rise?

It’s an increase of 13 from 37 on the 23rd September to 50 yesterday but as you can see above it’s by no means high over the pandemic nor is it even accurate. On the 22nd July, deaths went up by 15, to 22, from 7 on the previous day.

Do they just mean it’s the largest number, not rise, since February? Thick as mince or thick as thieves?

So that was their attempt at context? No context like the huge death rate in January?

No context like, the comparative, overall death rate?

Not the right context for the agenda?

Thick as thieves.

Then at the end:

Jillian Evans, head of health intelligence at NHS Grampian, told BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime programme that the rise in deaths was “not that unexpected” given the high case numbers in late August and early September.

“We know that those will convert into being admitted into hospital and we know a number of those will die as well,” she said.


Evans seems to have replaced Sridhar and can be wheeled on to state bleeding obvious and not say anything good about Scotland.

Head of Intelligence? More infections means more admissions and more deaths? ‘We’ know that! Tell us something that might have required an expert to say.

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3 thoughts on “‘Context is important’ – Thick as mince, or thieves?

  1. John,
    We might know that – more cases, more hospitalisations to follow then more deaths to follow that – but Reporting Scotland would never say that up front. Instead they would try, imply, infer that it is the result of some failure in care of NHS Scotland and the SG preferably the latter.

    At least the expert/professional they wheeled out stated the bleeding obvious as any expert/professional would do and has been doing for some time from Prof Sridhar down. As usual Reporting Scotland positions their input at the end of a long piece when they know full well the majority of people have stopped listening or reading.

    The person they used on this occasion has been on before and I have usually found her contributions quite reasonable as is the case here. It is Reporting Scotland with its ridiculous time-frames used to try to make the SG look bad that is, as usual, at fault

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  2. ‘Health intelligence’ does sound like a strange title for sure. I wonder who came up with that.
    Whatever though, the agenda is to quite clearly demonise and blame the FM and of course the health secretary, for any tragic death in Scotland, no matter the cause. What is the ultimate agenda though? The negativity from the British nationalists’ media is to instill fear, doubt and anger in people, even though we all know that the EngGov have done an appalling and catastrophic job of dealing with the pandemic across the UK from the very start, impacting on Scotland to the detriment to say the least.

    We also know that if any British UK nationalist party was at the helm at Holyrood, the number of people dying from Covid19 would very likely have been much much higher, especially if they had been allowed to keep cleaning services in private profiteers’ hands, which they introduced when at the helm, and which the SNP took back into public hands, saving many lives.

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    1. On a ad hoc basis i was scribbling down the ratios of deaths to case numbers,hospital admissions, ICU and death
      But due to the data being updated daily
      Impossible to be accurate
      However and without doubt it was massively obvious that SHNS in the ratio of eventual deaths was way below that of EHNS
      No doubt there are many reasons behind such as
      health conditions
      New variants of covid
      Highly targeted testing
      Bed availability
      Expert medical staff deployed
      However it would be possible with a proper computing tool to tabulate such from the very beginning of the pandemic
      A most excellen Phd paper for some students to embark upon


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