‘International humiliation’ for England as no Channel ferries built there

From Tom Gordonstoun in the Herald:

NICOLA Sturgeon has been accused of presiding over an “international humiliation”, after Scotland’s state-owned shipyard wasn’t deemed good enough to build state-owned ferries.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar laid the charge against the First Minister after Ferguson Marine’s bid didn’t even make the shortlist to build two new CalMac ferries last week.


Oh, a country of 5.4 million doesn’t win a contract to build ferries for use in that same country – international humiliation.

I bet England, population 54 million does better, did better under Labour.

The Spirit of Britain channel ferry, built in 2008…….in the Raumi shipyard, Finland.

Oh, what about the Spirit of France, built in France surely with that name? Nope, STX Finland in 2008.

These channel ferries:

Pride of Dover? Pride of Kent? Pride of Calais? Pride of Burgundy? Pride of Canterbury? All built in Germany.

Pride of Hull? Pride of Rotterdam? Built in Italy.

MV European Highlander? MV European Causeway? Japan.

DFDS has six ferries all built in Scandinavia.

I’m tired. I can’t find anything operating on the Channel built in the UK.

The Rob Roy in 1821 was British built.

17 thoughts on “‘International humiliation’ for England as no Channel ferries built there

  1. Little do any realise that the ability to build all types of commercial ships
    Of a modern design on time and budget
    Has been lost FOREVER
    There is no basal infrastructure left to even consider designing them far less fabricate them
    The whole lot has sailed down the Swanee
    On the good ship MV Westminster Rules
    Tell me how the hell we can possibly build a entirely battery or hydrogen powered ferry or cargo ship
    Norway can and is doing so right now
    So lets build coracles and canoes
    Such is the strengths of this Union now
    Who show the world how to empty supermarket shelves, unable to store gas in qty, deliver fuel to filling stations,harvest our crops before they rot, unable to pay out new pensioners,clear NHS waiting lists
    Sorry i have ran out of paper and the ink bottle now eempt
    Ah found more ink and paper
    Washing machines
    Tumble driers
    Ah paper and ink run out again
    Not known when extensive list can be completed

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  2. Where are the nuclear subs £Billions built. The Rusty hulks are rotting at Rosyth.

    Millions of ferries could have been built instead. A Navy base to patrol the shores. A thriving fishing industry. Without Brexit. Building fishing vessels.

    Two ferries are still being finished in Scotland. £100,000 each?

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    1. Yep, money spent on war machines far out weighs that spent on infrastructure or anything uesful really. It’s a shocking and depressing situation when countries are STILL intent on waging war, or at least, spending £trillions on preparing for it. Humans are stupid.

      Whose shores does the BritNat Navy base patrol? They just operate out of Scotland, protecting English shores mainly, Russian ships have been able to get pretty darn close to Scotland in the not so distant past. Scotland does not want the English governments’ killing machines, ie Trident and WMD on their land and in their territorial waters, it makes the country a sitting target! The people manning the subs etc also travel into Scotland from England, they contribute nothing to Scotland whatsoever, except perhaps carrying in things like Covid during a pandemic,a huge double whammy for Scotland!

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  3. Ferries in England are privately owned so choice of builder is up to them. Scottish ferries with exception of Pentland and a couple of others and council ferries are owned by government by CMAL

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  4. Hinkley Point. 72 wind turbines refused. 2008 Brown. 2016 The Chinese nuclear company contract. The Tory slush fund. The most expensive plant ever built.

    Tories nuclear. subs to threaten the Chinese. What happens to the waste. Where to dump it, In the sea? The Pacific.

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  5. No, no—we Do have “British built” ferries.

    HMS Queen Lizzie and the Prince of Whales are specifically designed to “ferry” American interests round the globe.
    Cannon fodder for the Yanks.
    US ‘planes, ships and personnel will be essential, as half of the UK surface fleet are tied up undergoing repair.
    The “Frigate Fiasco” our colonial press might put it, but of course do not.

    But not much in Mighty Blighty is “British” owned ( and even less is British built) these days, after Tories and Labour sold everything off to Johnny Foreigner—for a small consideration, of course.

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  6. “Union Jock” Murray on Sky right now.
    What looks like a picture of the missing wallaby on his wall.

    Is he posting a reward?
    Everything in Murrays world revolves around waffle and deflection, while extolling the virtues of a centralised UK run from the south of England.

    No wonder the wallaby made a fast exit!

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      1. John
        Learn to meditate in serious way
        And your dips will be not only be manageable but enjoyable along with a far clearer sharper mind as a result


  7. I don’t know how many watched Jo Coburn today but I was really mad ,we had all the bad news about health in Scotland also Wales so why do they not do it for England health service,the program is know as Politics UK so I suppose that is the excuse BBC would say.

    Hope you are well John having a good earned rest.

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