Sturgeon ate my hamster

An inquiry has begun, investigating the construction of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus, Glasgow, the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People, and Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Edinburgh.

A mass of data and numerous qualified experts’ testimonies will place heavy demands on attending journalists. They have ignored that and lazily picked out a few catchy headlines from three or four distraught parents who are not even vaguely competent to judge what happened.

Reporting like this, never happens on BBC England, UK, Wales or Northern Ireland.

BBC Scotland staff are infected with a cultural virus which reduces brain function, planted in Pacific Quay by representatives of the New Labour Party in the 1990s.

9 thoughts on “Sturgeon ate my hamster

  1. John
    Do you honestly expect these so called
    Journalists to report expert professional
    Because if they do they shall be committing employment suicide and worse still the brown envelope in the form of honours,Directorships and the usual rewards offered by the ever corrupt Westminster system will be thrown in the fire
    Better being a member of the Mafia
    At least they honest as to how they will deal with you
    Work with them Then rewarded
    Go against them big time then you F**cked
    Unlike Westminster in comparison who are charlatans with a smile upon their face as the knife for your back gleams in one hand and a fat brown envelope in the other
    UK is one of the most corrupt Nations upon this Planet

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  2. They really don’t care about how absurd they have become.

    They have debased investigative journalism, honest evaluation and reporting of the facts. Sometimes the pub bore may well be more truthful than what is now passed as news by BBC Scotland.

    There only goal is survival when the redundancies start again, as they will do, given that their deceit and lies have not dented the SNP.

    However, if any of them can drive a lorry there is a future..

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  3. There is the stench of corruption about Pacific Quay, but these people have free will and are answerable for their conduct.
    Saying that, I expect they are overseen by a Political Commissar sent to keep them in line.

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  4. At last , after all these years , poor Freddie Starr can be exonerated !

    I doubt that the list of ”Sturgeon’s ” nefarious activities were confined to snacking on innocent rodents .
    I would expect the tireless journos at the Beeb to be investigating in depth her every move since leaving the womb .

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  5. Just when you think that Reporting Scotland’s now nightly coverage of the QEUH enquiry couldn’t get more ‘problematic’, BBC Scotland excels itself this evening..

    One gentleman (a patient’s father) referring to anecdotal ‘evidence’ – a single cleaner’s comment and the views of other parents of patients – was the focus of the reporting. The man is entitled to present whatever he wants to the enquiry.

    However, the BBC is choosing to broadcast uncritically assertions and accusations which came across this evening with not only a clear, pre-determined anti Scottish Government opinion and also in tone, a politically partisan, anti-SNP stance – both taken and being amplified by the BBC in advance of the sober, evidence based assessment we expect of the judge-led enquiry process. This culminated in a serious – but on the programme, an unsubstantiated – accusation directed specifically at the FM.

    None of this material being put before the viewers now every evening is challenged or has yet been tested – the BBC editors have opted to feed the viewing public with selected testimony in advance of the purpose of the enquiry – to examine and judge – being met.

    So far we’ve had three successive evenings with substantial pieces on Reporting Scotland. Will the BBC over the coming weeks provide the viewing public with similar amplification of counter or mitigating evidence from individual testimonies of construction, medical, infection control, chemical science etc. experts? Time will tell whether BBC Scotland is capable of being a balanced public service broadcaster or is just another agenda-driven media outlet. Wouldn’t bet on the former.

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    1. I suppose in one way Stewart, that we should take it as a compliment, that BBC Scotland have to go to ever increasing levels of idiocy to try and dent the Scottish Government.

      Their orchestrated “NHS Crisis”, “Pidgeon Poo”, “God bless the British Army” etc routine, is all very well, but it s not producing any tangible results apart from Joe Public getting a little bit more “street wise” every day, about BBC Scotland and its deceit.

      I guess its time for a more fundamental “crisis” from the BBC, a real blockbuster, how about another SNP Civil War. Now if only they could get back their Civil War correspondent Brian Taylor from the Herald.

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    2. Yes I heard that as well. No harm to a “cleaner”, but a “cleaner”. Just one. Not even “cleaners”, a “cleaner”, and that this was shared by other parents.
      Then there is the assertion that the First Minister MUST have known about this problem and did nothing. The only good thing about this is that the Scottish Government’s lawyers will be able to question him about this. His only evidence at the time was that he “was sure” this must be the case.
      When I was a student at GU, the student newspaper, “The GU Guardian” got into trouble with DC Thompson for taking the piss out of the Broons (this got them a letter threatening legal action for their libel of “Scotland’s best loved family”). A few weeks later, the middle pages of the Sunday Post ran a report that GU students were having sex on the Library stairs, holding parties in the bookstacks, pissing (and worse) in the waste bins. My mother, a regular Sunday Post reader (remember this is the early 70s) read this and said to me “It looks as if you are having a high old time at the University Library”, to which I replied, “If you think that’s true you need to ask yourself why I’m not there even more often”. The source of the report – “a cleaner”.

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      1. Would this be the circulation of alternative Sunday Post activities of the Broon family members?

        I seem to remember as a young student in the early 70’s viewing a A4 sheet depicting Daphne, Wullie and Boab having a tryst up Stoorie Brae and Boab being sick afterwards..


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