Could one mother’s opinion need a bit of perspective?

Following on from suggestions that health board members need punishing after allegedly murdering a child, BBC Scotland persist with their National Enquirer tribute act and suggest a Scottish hospital is ‘third world’ after reports of dirty water did not kill a child but did worry the parents.

Third world? What, like the parts where contaminated drinking-water is estimated to cause 502 000 diarrhoeal deaths each year?

Or like the countries where about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions and1 out of every 5 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease.

They’re mostly in Africa. They really are ‘third world’. Does this mother need to read a bit more?

9 thoughts on “Could one mother’s opinion need a bit of perspective?

  1. This is exploitation of the grief f women who have suffered dreadfully due to the deaths and serious illness of children, by media and politicians for cheap point scoring.

    There is a parallel here with ms Diane Fergus, mother of the toddler, Jamie Bulger who was murdered in Liverpool, more than 20 years ago. At regular intervals, the press produce stories about the two people who were themselves children who killed Jamie, and then bring Ms Fergus in for comment. The scar tissue which grows over her grief and
    guilt is ripped open again and again.

    This is happening with the parents in the current enquiry into the QEUH.


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  2. The coverage by Reporting Scotland of the QUEH enquiry this evening did plumb new depths. I wait with interest to see how the BBC will report on the engineering and scientific evidence brought to bear on the judge-led enquiry’s search for understanding, truth and lessons.

    O/T However, this evening’s Reporting Scotland was remarkable for one thing. It was the interview by Westminster Correspondent, Rajdeep Sandhu of Keir Starmer.

    She asked him (in terms) about his view on who should have the right to decide on holding a second IndyRef. Starmer dodged. She asked him again – we then got the ‘not the priority’ dodge from him. She pressed him again noting that as he wanted to be PM he should make clear his view on this crucial question. Again he dodged. So well done Ms Sandhu you at least tried harder to pin a Unionist politician down than is typical of your BBC Scotland colleagues: will we ever see you on Reporting Scotland again?

    But during his wordy but equivocal responses one other thing was notable in Starmer’s interview: he chose to use references to ambulance waiting times and Scotland’s need to call on the army to justify his Unionist position. Who else uses such references? Of course it’s the Tories and in particular recently, the Secretary of State for Scotland.

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    1. “I wait with interest to see how the BBC will report on the engineering and scientific evidence brought to bear on the judge-led enquiry’s search for understanding, truth and lessons”
      Similar observation from me previously, but with I suspect the same expectations, a very long wait…

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    2. If they plumbed new depths on Thursday night then tonight, Friday, Reporting Scotland went headfirst into the Abyss. Truly dreadful, unchallenged statements by a father: ‘I don’t want to accuse anyone but the First Minister…’

      I thought a judge was supposed to be in charge of this inquiry?

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  3. I watched the 6pm News on BBC 1 this evening. It had a piece on the commercial difficulties faced by night clubs in NI due to continuing Stormont-imposed Covid restrictions.

    Couldn’t help but ‘smile’ when the reporter ended by telling us (in terms) that the sector would like to see vaccine passports introduced in NI in the same way they have been in Scotland!

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  4. There have been repeated scandals in Health England over the last three decades.
    At no point has the BBC confronted the English Health Minister over his/her responsibility and grieving families have been allowed very little airtime to express their opinions.
    Contrast and compare with the Goebbels-lite BBC Hootsmon.

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