Scotland still has lowest infection level in UK

Hanging on like grim death using two-week old ONS estimates, BBC Scotland try to make us feel bad.

For some time, Northern Ireland, aided by their watery separation had the lowest overall infection level in the UK but a massive surge in July, and August 2021, puts them top of the pile.

Despite a massive surge in the second half of August, the level of infection in Scotland has now fallen for the last week, putting us at the bottom with the lowest infection rate of the 4 UK nations.

The death rate in Northern Ireland remains the lowest but the gap is narrowing in the wake of their recent surge.

Experts explain this in terms of better leadership by the SNP Government, a better NHS and higher levels of compliance by the population.

Scotland’s media health correspondents say nothing.

2 thoughts on “Scotland still has lowest infection level in UK

  1. Scotland’s media health correspondents say, ‘No matter what the data says, we will always say Scotland is pure bad! Jackie Baillie and Anas Sarwar always tell us that’.

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