8% of the population, 28% of the gas production but the same massive price hike is coming to Scotland

The business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng: a series of emergency meetings between the government, energy firms and regulators are being held this weekend.
The business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng: a series of emergency meetings between the government, energy firms and regulators are being held this weekend. Photograph: Hannah McKay/Reuters

In the Guardian today we read:

The government was scrambling on Saturday night to reassure Britons that rising gas prices would not plunge the country into an energy crisis, as ministers held a series of emergency meetings with energy companies and regulators to establish whether the nation could keep the lights and central heating on this winter.

Gas prices surged by more than 70% in August alone, and the shock has sent energy companies and heavy industrial firms out of business. Households could see energy bills jump by as much as £400 in a year, according to some estimates. 


In 2019, the UK consumed around 83 mtoe (million tonnes of oil equivalent) energy in the form of gas.

In the same year, Scotland produced 23.2 mtoe of gas.

Most of the rest is imported from Norway and Russia.

The sums are easy. Scotland produces enough gas to heat every home and still export three quarters of it.




12 thoughts on “8% of the population, 28% of the gas production but the same massive price hike is coming to Scotland

  1. Your point “Scotland produces enough gas to heat every home and still export three quarters of it”, does rather shatter the “too wee too poor” narrative so beloved of Unionists regarding independence, yet this HMG propaganda campaign over energy pricing is so OTT it can only be a smokescreen.

    The takeaway headline is “Gas prices surged by more than 70% in August alone”, while industry experts anticipate possibly a max of +20%. Now why would HMG want to stir up public concerns and be pointing at “others” ?.
    Industries don’t collapse due to increased energy costs, they recover that in price of product. They usually budget ahead say 10% increases for 1 to 3 years to predict product cost, and bulk consumers get massive discounts.

    This stinks to high heaven of Kwarteng in full blown panic over industries collapsing under Brexit effects, nothing to do with energy.
    Not being able to shift materials or product due to the collapsing freight sector plus customs delays are fatal to such industries.

    Back to Scotland’s gas production, an old hobby-horse and easy sums – Insulation to reduce gas consumption by say 50% would double coverage from Scotland’s output alone from 22 to 44 million consumers.
    If I can do it on a modern house for peanuts, imagine what a government could do…

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    1. Aye something stinks about this as you say, our Scottish renewables company seemed to be doing really well, lots of new customers, good customer service then last week out of the blue, kaput, gone! The big companies will be delighted, that is of course if they can handle so many new customers. What a bloody mess.

      Scotland needs to nationalise energy services when independent. It would be interesting to know which and how many countries, say in Europe, have publicly owned energy, or at least partly publicly owned energy.
      I despair that Scotland produces so much energy, yet is forced to pay huge sums to connect to the English controlled ‘national’ grid, when in South of England they pay much less or nothing, to connect. It’s tragic that Scotland is held hostage to England in this area of industry. It’s not a good situation to be in, when the country next door controls your energy supply.

      Anyone remember the power cuts in the Highlands in the run up to the independence referendum in 2014? There was never a valid explanation given why vast areas of Scotland were without power for a few hours. It had to have been caused by something.

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      1. Europe is heavily influenced by the EU policy of “competition” in energy distribution, the generation side even where commercial is heavily controlled and invested in by the state as such essential utilities should.
        I’m deeply sceptical over the energy distribution competition model for small populations, for Scotland it makes no more sense than Scottish Water sub-letting domestic supplies.
        You are correct that Scotland once independent MUST be in total control of energy production, but energy interfaces with the rest of Europe need new direct interconnects to circumvent the (deliberate ?) England bottleneck.
        All it needs is to be prioritised, the financial backing and the will to expedite it is there and waiting.

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  2. It’s not looking good for winter is it, and we all know who will suffer most, the poor.
    People’s energy, 100% Scottish renewables co-op type of company, just stopped trading, I liked them even though they were the cheapest. Last time a company I was with went bust, ofgem passed my energy supply, as they do, to another company (in England) one I’d never heard of. Their tariffs were ridiculously high and customer services were utterly dreadful. It took months to escape them due to massive bills which led to account in going into debit, I couldn’t keep up with the huge bills that seemed to go up and up every month, (spring and summer) and my bank account was literally being drained, it was horrendous.
    I advise anyone who is victim to ofgem handing their energy supply over due to their chosen supplier going bust, to look very carefully at the company ofgem choose as soon as they know who it is. Check tariffs, look them up on trust pilot and twitter, and switch if in any doubt about what sort of company they are.

    Also get lots of candles in, Scotland won’t be an English government priority if for some reason there are power cuts come the winter.

    I know energy price rises are a world wide issue, but Brexit is actually worse than even a sceptic cyncic like me envisaged.

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  3. Westminster are taking Scotland’s revenues and resources mismanaging and misusing them. They try to keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. The McCrone Report. It is only since Devolution 2000 the Scottish economy has improved. It would be even better with Independence and more powers. To hold Westminster unionists in check. The Westminster unionist cabal are destroying the world economy. The Tories are creating the biggest mess possible. There will be an election coming. Someone else will have to clear up their mess. Deja Vu,

    Support for Independence rising. It cannot come too soon. Scotland is being held back by Westminster unionist economic, social and foreign policies. They are ruining the world economy. Ignorant, arrogant fools. The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down. Life expectancy in the south going down.

    The Scottish Gov has to mitigate and change the Westminster disastrous decisions. Time to vote the more unionists out. Time to go, The Indy campaign starting up again, as the pandemic eases. One person just has to convince one other.

    Westminster cabal refused to let Fuel bad ebergy costs. Scotland pays more pro rata. Despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Scotland should pay 10% less for parity. It is colder in Scotland. Another illegal tax on the Scottish economy by Westminster mismanagement and misuse of Scottish resources and revenues.

    Scotland’s massive investment in renewables. Scotland has to pay for Hickley Point. A complete waste of time and money. Dangerous and near the sea. The Tory slush fund, Scotland has to pay for their folly. Trident the waste dumped in Scotland. Scotland could pay for more renewables. Wind, wave, water tidal and solar. To keep prices down. Instead of wasting £Billions on Westminster’s folly and corruption.

    The Brutish/Chinese consortium. Borrowing Chinese funds. Supposed investment. Then threatening them with nuclear subs. Costing £Billions. The Tories slush fund. Wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow to line their own pockets. Tory donations for corruption and misuse of illegal Gov contracts. Not scrutinised properly. Civil servants illegally hiding the facts and balance sheet. At the Tories bidding. More Westminster corruption.


  4. British Gas the worst company. Consumer customer service based in South Africa. Dismal service, The worst ever. People get the round around and then cut off.

    Thatcher privatised the fuel and gas industry. Sold them off. Gave shares to the customers. Putting up prices, especially for the poorer who did not benefit. The banks got the most shares for profit. The bankers fund the Tory Party. Hedge funds control and get bet on the industry and commodities. Put up prices for profits. Utilities are essential services.

    Higher unemployment (15% in Scotland), interest rates at 17%. Inflation at 15%+. The only place unemployment was under 10% was in London S/E. NE Scotland, Thatcher illegally and secretly took the Oil revenues and shut down every manufacturing facility in Scotland. Scorch earth policy. Her Scottish ministers were in on it. Sworn to secrecy. Now in the HoL. One minister resigned.

    Thatcher came to the Scottish Church Assembly. The ‘sermon on the mound’. Said we the English people are generous to you Scots’. Or words to that affect. A habitual, compulsive liar. Not elected and rejected in Scotland. The Tories in decline since the 1950’s.

    Thatcher demutualised the Building Societies owned by their members. Mutual. Gave the members shares. The banks ended up with the most shares, profit and the mortgage books. They gambled them on the stock exchange. Without a Gov intervention. Illegal wars and ruining the world economy were the Westminster priorities. The ‘winter of discontent’, followed by the Thatcher social unrest and violence. The UK the most unequal place in the world. Non cohesive and unhappy.

    Thatcher/Reagan etc deregulated banking worldwide. Cut leverage and collateral from 25% of reserves to 13%. It caused the banking crash. The banks lending too much monies to those who could not pay it back. No collateral. The Ponzi banking scheme. ‘Loads of money’ bankers fund the Tory Party, Everyone else paid for it. The Unionist parties broke every rule in the book with impunity. None of them went to jail.

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  5. Westminster unionists refused to let fuel and energy companies charge per locality. Scotland in surplus and nearer the sources loses out. Pays more. Westminster takes the surplus. Uses the profit for their mad, bad schemes to line their pockets.

    The UK pays Norway £Billions for their gas and energy contracts. France bad Spanish energy companies make profits. Warming does save some consumers monies. Saudi profits goes to eternal wars. The Saudis while away the profits on shopping and four by fours. Blowing up a storm in the rest of the world for bribery and donations.

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  6. This is Bodger Broon’s ‘pooling and sharing’ in action. Scottish gas resources are pooled – amongst privatised energy companies – and the costs they charge shared by everyone in the UK. I’d called depending on ‘the broad shoulders of the UK’.

    Aren’t we lucky being governed by such a venal crowd of rogues?

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